As far back as 1961, the Bandura Players Folk Capella of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was founded and led by students and teachers of the institute. For more than half a century, we have been supporting and preserving unity of our art and performance company, and bringing the folk Ukrainian music to the masses.

The capella cherishes the traditions of authentic Ukrainian song, and also enchants listeners with a bold new sound of modern music.

Preservation and popularization of Ukrainian music - this is the idea of the Bandura Players Folk Capella of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
Over the years of activity, the Bandura Players Folk Capella achieved significant success both in Ukraine and in European countries: Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain and others.


  • Ukraine folk song, arrangement and orchestra Г. Верети «Їхав козак з України»
  • Ukraine folk song «Шуміла ліщина»
  • Ukraine folk song, arrangement Г. Верети «Ой у лісі під дубком»
  • Ukraine folk song «Іванку, Іванку»
  • Ukraine folk song, arrangement В. Марунича «Гей, соколе»
  • Ukraine folk song, arrangement М. Леонтовича «Гей, ви, стрільці січовії»
  • Ukraine folk song, arrangement Д. Задора «Верховино, світанку ти наш»
  • Music В. Шаповаленко сл. В. Безкоровайний «Ой заграли музики, музиченьки»
  • Ukraine folk song on words Т. Шевченко, arrangement М. Гвоздя «Летить галка через балку»
  • Music and words А. Матвійчук «Рідня моя, рідня»
  • Music and words В. Харчишин, переклад М. Павлової «За лісами горами»
  • Music Martin Gellner сл. Werner Stranka “It’s my life”
  • Music James Alan Hetfield сл. Lars Ulrich “Nothin else matters”