In the fall of 2016, the Department of acoustics and acoustoelectronics was 80 years old. This is a respectable age for humans and for the Department, and it is entirely understandable desire to look back and remember the right word for Department staff and their good deeds.

To begin with  a bit of history. In 1935 the Kiev Film Institute was renamed into the Kiev Institute of cinema engineers (KIKI), wherein 1936 established the Department of acoustics and radio engineering. The founder and first head of the Department from 1936 to 1938 was an outstanding scientist, Professor Lazar Davidovich Rosenberg, who went to work in KIKI with the Kiev Film Studio. He was succeeded by Professor Mark I. Karnowski, who led the Department for more than forty years, from 1939 to 1981. Then, from 1981 to 1987, the head was a doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Ilya Mikhailovich Mikhailov, and since 1987 the Department was directed by Professor Vitaliy Didkovsky.

The creation of the Department began a systematic training of scientific and engineering personnel in the field of acoustics in Ukraine. The first scientific-technical developments of the Department were aimed at creating methods and tools for searching non-metallic min. For the solution of this task, it was necessary to combine the methods of acoustics and radio engineering because the metal mines were only electronic approaches and means. Key areas of training were even-traumatic, audio engineering, room acoustics, and individual rooms.

The first set of students was 2 academic groups, and subsequently the diplomas of engineers-acoustics, there were 43 graduates. At that time, the Department worked outstanding scientists of L. D. Rosenberg, A. A. Kharkevich. M. A. Korolev, N. And. Karnowski, S. I., Teitelbaum, V. I. Yakub. Developed new theories and instruments for applied acoustics and cinema technics: theory total reverb (L. D. Rosenberg, 1940); theory and calculation of tube-based frequency multipliers; measurement of speed fluctuations of sound boxes; the fundamental work of the guiding properties of complex radiators, acoustic lenses, resonators and sirens (G. I. Karnovsky, 1940-1948.); spectrum analyzers and non-linear distortions (W. M. wolf, 1953). The most significant scientific achievements of the Department staff were published in well-known monographs by L. D. Rozenberg, "Sound focusing system" (1949) and A. A. Kharkevich, "the Theory of converters" (1948), "non-stationary wave phenomena" (1950), "Spectra and analysis" (1952), "self-Oscillations" (1954).

In the postwar years, the Department worked Professor M. I. Karnovsky, Assoc. V. M. wolf, Assoc. P. V. Karnaukhov, al. V. A. Geran, AC. V. I. Yakub, AC. V. S. Gorbenko, AC. .M. Bezkorovainy, V. V. Golub V, G. I. Kaminsky, M. V. Lazarevic, S. L., Rosenberg, W. N. Starodub, A. I. Slavinsky, A. A. Yuryev, L. J. Beam, G. V. Belyakovich, L. N. Bondarev, etc.

Members of the Department have achieved significant results in the field of statistical hydroacoustics, space-time processing of the sonar signals the study of sonar methods and sampling in a wide frequency range, studies of hydroacoustic fields with mixed boundary conditions by you, investigate the methods of synthesis of antennas, the study of possibilities for active compensation of vibration and noise of moving objects, the study of classification in hydro-acoustics. At the Department, one of the first in the USSR, it established the input and processing of real sonar signals on a computer "Razdan-2" (1969).

  • In the 60-70-ies of the rapidly growing scientific and technological potential of the Department. Commenced fruitful cooperation with the Department of radio receiving devices, which was led by Professor M. F. Woerner, and that the first KPI at the beginning of the implementation of scientific research works (SRW) in the field of hydroacoustics. The Department has completed several large joints of the GDR for the Soviet Navy (1959-1962), in particular for the production of the current sonar bench and full-scale experiments. In General, these works have focused on theoretical and experimental substantiation of methods and development of means of increasing the range of active and passive means of determining surface and underwater objects.

    During these years the teaching staff of the Department joined the Department graduates: Would.And. Shockey, V. Would. Galanenko, I. L., Oboznenko, L. Y. Taradanov, A. S. Belous, V. P. Pugach. Radio engineering faculty came to the Department associate professors N. G. Gutkin, Y. V. Pekhnyk, V. V. Yaroshenko.

    In the research sector of the Department successfully worked with S. V. Pasichna, V. M. Mironov, N. Mironov, S. V. Skripchenko, V. A. Kramarenko, Is.M. Pustovoitov, L. N. Kovalenko, L. G. Krasnyy, H.. Bricker, L. S. Kovalenko, S. M. Zheleznyak, Y. D. Bozhkov and many others.

    In 1972, by NIS divisions of the two departments was created the laboratory of hydroacoustics (PLGA). The Scientific supervisor was assigned to N.F. Woerner, Deputy – N.And. See Karnofsky. PLGA consisted of two departments, subordinates, respectively, to the two departments. The head of the 2nd Department, a subordinate Department of acoustics, was S. V. Center, Scientific Director of the Department – N. G. Gutkin. In late 1974, PLGA was transformed into the Kon-structures Bureau "Storm" in the CRPD.

    This period of expansion of research work in the Department was actually created by the Kiev school of statistical hydroacoustics. The face of this school was determined by its scientific leaders – Professor N. And. Karnovsky, N. G. Gatkin, V. A., E-Rann.And. Shockey, V. Would. Galanenko, I. L., Oboznenko, and a whole galaxy of their disciples and followers. A significant contribution to the research and development Department did.T. Grinchenko, now Academician, Director of Institute of Hydromechanics of NAS of Ukraine.

    The results of scientific research were reported at the International, all-Union, Republican and other conferences, symposiums, schools workshops, were published in numerous scientific journals. The scientific staff of the Department were awarded medals, certificates and received hundreds of copyright licenses. In 1974, the Department was awarded the highest award of the Exhibition of achievements of the national economy of the USSR – the Diploma of Honor.

    The Department is actively working student scientific society (SSS), the head of which was Professor, and later Professor. Garann. The student's members of the SSS took an active part in the development of the Department and PLGA, the best works of students of the red L. A. Prodeusa, N. Vishnyakova was awarded first degree diplomas of all-Union competition for the best student research papers.

    In the 70 years of the Department were prepared and defended two doctoral dissertations (V. A. Geran, N. G. Gutkin). In the early 80-ies came to the Department to work young graduates KPI:.T. Matsipura, S. A. Luneva, A. I. Krasilnikov.

    The next period of development of the Department (1981-1987 gg) is associated with the arrival of the head of the Department doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences I. M. Grankin. As scientific Director of the industrial research laboratory "Acoustoelectronics" (part of KPI), it is introduced into educational process of additional directions associated with the development acustoelectronic device signal processing on surface acoustic waves. There is a need to develop appropriate training courses and the expansion of the thematic sections in adjacent courses. Since 1982 the Department was renamed "Department of acoustics and acoustoelectronics". At this time came here to work young teachers, graduates of KPI M. V. Rodionov and A. M. Petrishchev.

    This stage of the development Department not only defines their educational development, but also coincides with the development of the first Soviet digital hydroacoustic complex "Star", which was attended by many alumni. Chief designer of the complex was also a graduate of the Department Oleg Mikhailovich Aleshchenko.

    In 1987 the Department was headed by Professor V. S. Didkovsky, a specialist in the field of theory of oscillations of elastic systems.

    After Ukraine became an independent state, there have been changes in the activities of the Department, which are primarily connected with the interests of the young sovereign state and its economy. Since the sea borders of Ukraine were limited to the Black sea, sonar already has attracted such interest from traditional customers. Therefore, continuing the under-training of specialists in the field of hydroacoustics and ultrasonic engineering, Department opened a new specialty "medical Acoustic devices and appliances" (1991).

    This specialty was created in order to help the domestic medical industry to solve the problems of development, design and operation of medical devices and systems that operate on acoustic principles, the most safe for the human body. This was especially true for the population of Ukraine, which have largely suffered from the Chernobyl accident.

    A significant contribution to the development of new specialty did Vladimir yankovoi, now chief editor of the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic", member of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine. In 1988, on the proposal of the head of Department, Professor Vitaliy S. Didkovskiy, he headed the scientific research laboratory "Diagnostics" (then the research laboratory of industrial acoustics), and in 1992 created the limited liability company "Science and technology", the main focus of which was research and development of control systems physiological state of the human knee joint.

    In General, scientific-pedagogical staff of the Department worked a lot on research and development of ultrasonic therapeutic devices, development of methods of calculation of acoustic fields in multi-layered tissues, algorithms of diagnosis of pathologies in tissues, to study the effectiveness and design of devices low-frequency vibrations to stimulate the recovery of biological processes in the human body. Since 1997 this specialty has given a new name – "Medical acoustic and bioacoustic instruments and apparatus" with specializations: "Acoustic instruments, therapy, and surgery," "the Acoustics of biological systems," "Systems and devices for acoustic diagnostics." To specialty "Acoustic devices and systems," added the specialization "Instruments of naval research," "Ultrasonic technique and technology," "Acoustic equipment of studios and rooms," "Acoustic monitoring system".

    In 2001, with the support of the Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine, the Department was open specialization "Computer processing of music and language," and "Theater and concert acoustic technologies." The rapid development of digital means of sound processing in media technology and show business, where special engineering-technical and acoustic training every year plays an increasingly important role, attracted particular attention of the applicants.

    During this period, the Department came to teachers – graduates of the Department are A. To. Ananiev, Sec. Kozeruk, A. M. Prodeusa, O. G. Leiko,.P. The Ovsyanik, A. B. Pellet, who worked in the industry, S. A. Naida, and graduates of the Department O. I. Drozdenko, K. S. Drozdenko, A. V. Garmash, A. V. Bogdanov, V. S., Beregun. Together with veterans of the Department participated in the implementation of some scientific and practical research and publishing activities of the Department.

    Since 1996, scientists of the Department V. S. Didkovskiy, too.And. Shocky, V. Would. Galanenko, M. A. Mironov began work on improving the acoustic characteristics of the premises of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Under their guidance, there were performed acoustic projects on the arrangement of meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, halls of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, in the halls of the presidential administration of Ukraine conference room of the KSCA, the auditorium of the Kiev theater of Russian drama. Lesia Ukrainka concert hall of Sumy Philharmonic Society and many other objects.

    For the implementation of projects of the acoustic and electro-acoustic arrangement of rooms KSCA Professor V. S. Didkovsky, associate professors.G. Eagle and S. A. Luneva received the gratitude of Kiev city head and valuable prizes. For productive scientific activities Head of the Department, Professor V. S. Didkovsky received a certificate from the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In 1998 Head of the Department Professor V. S. Didkovsky awarded the title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine." Decree of the President of Ukraine from 30 November 2009 No. 980/2009 Professor V. C. Didkovsky and Professor of the Department O. G. Leiko was awarded the State Prize of Ukrainian Science and Technology, 2009. In 2012 V. S. Didkovskiy was awarded the order "For merits" I degrees.

    Accumulated and generalized experience in solving complex problems of electro-acoustics, together with issues of architectural acoustics has allowed the Department staff to make a curriculum for the training of future specialists in the field of acoustic equipment for various purposes, including music venues and studios.

    During its existence, the Department has trained more than 10,000 engineers acoustics. Thus was created the basis for the development of scientific researches in various branches of applied acoustics. Among the graduates of the Department academics Russian and foreign Academies of Sciences, more than 70 doctors and candidates of science, 10 laureates of State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine.

    The Department is proud of its graduates. This winner of the State Prizes of the USSR: Yuri Burau (twice), Oleg Mikhailovich Aleshchenko, Nicholas G. Klimenok, Alexander Moskalenko.

    The laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine are Yu. K. Bondarenko, V. P. Ovsyanik.With. Frost, A. M. Pisarenko, G. A. Leiko. Among graduates of the chair, academician RAS Victor A. Akulov, Doctor of Sciences V. M. Aleshchenko, V. I. Wolf, V. A. Geran, I. I. Gorban, and A. Y. Kalyuzhnyi, L. G. Red, G. A. Leiko, Would.G. Marchenko, V. T. Matsypura.With. Moroz, V. P. Ovsyanik, A. M. Petrishchev, G. I. Prokopenko, G. M. Razorenov, V. P. Peshkov, S. A. Naida, And A. V. Korzhik, A. M. Prodeusa.

    From among the students of the Department came: the Minister of mechanical engineering and the conversion of Victor Petrov, Director and heads of large enterprises and organizations: Director of the Research Institute Gidropribor Yu. Burau, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation USA Oleg Andreichev, the Director of the company Telekom-Pneumatic Vladimir Leonidovich Geneura, chief engineer of the TV company ICTV Gennady A. Staritsky, Director of the company "Ultragen" Ivan Senchenko, head of Department of coordination of scientific research in higher education Victor A. Svience, Director of the hearing rehabilitation center "Aurora" Alexander Radchenko, Ph. D., Professor, primary scientific employee Institute of problems of mathematical machines and systems NAS of Ukraine Igor I. Gorban, FR. The Chairman of SBU the General-the Lieutenant Anatoly Pavlovich Gerasimov, captain 1st rank Nikolai Stepanovich Gudz, chief editor of the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" Volodymyr Vasyliovych Yankovoy and many others.

    The intensity of a really scientific life of the Department clearly shows at least the fact that for the last 7 years scientists of the Department are involved in thesis 5 doctors of Sciences and 16 candidates of Sciences.

    Today, the staff of the Department of acoustics and acoustoelectronics continues to work on new educational-methodical and scientific-applied work, trying to keep up with the times and responding to the needs of society. Thus, in particular, develop and implement innovative forms of work in the form of educational and practical projects successfully running the newly created virtual lab acoustic examination and correction, created a new laboratory work, the formation of new disciplines, developing the website of the Department, faculty are published in international periodicals and take part in international conferences. Thanks to the electronic announcement on the website of the Department ( future students have the opportunity to learn about the life of the Department: with pleasure and gratitude, they respond to invitations to attend seminars of sound engineering, come to the open doors, calling, texting... And it is a good sign that the Department of acoustics and acoustoelectronics is not only for the present but for the long term.

    A. M. Prodeusa, Ph. D., Professor