On June 1, the whole world celebrated the International Children's Day. Unfortunately, the Children's Day in 2023 in Ukraine was held in the context of war. But it did not prevent the Charitable Foundation "Development. Children. Future" Charitable Foundation and the Borys Paton State Polytechnic Museum organized an exhibition of children's drawings "Drawing the Future" on this occasion.

The Borys Paton State Polytechnic Museum operates under martial law. At the beginning of the war, the museum staff took priority security measures: hiding the most valuable exhibits, updating the list of priority collections, etc. But even today, the SPM welcomes visitors. Very often these are people who came from the east of Ukraine to wait out the war in safe areas.

Despite the war, the museum pedagogy at the SPM continues to develop and provide an opportunity for schoolchildren and students to realize their creativity and satisfy their curiosity. The museum staff is working on conditions for safe visits to the exhibition halls.

The opening of the exhibition of children's works "Drawing the Future" on the International Children's Day is a gift to young talents, a reminder to society that we have very talented children, and a real support for children's creativity and faith in a happy future for Ukraine. The war affected the lives of every little Ukrainian, so on this holiday the University Museum supported children in such a difficult time for the country.

The exhibition was attended by children from the Kyianochka Educational Complex and the Logos Center for Applied Education. The opening program was rich and interesting, schoolchildren had a tour of the museum and cognitive quizzes "What do you know about space?", "Famous facts about the life of KPI scientists: Igor Sikorsky, Sergiy Korolyov, Borys Paton". All participants received certificates and gifts. There were master classes on the formation of the exhibition, lectures "Why and where do people buy art?" In the end, the children painted a picture "Sunny Childhood", which became a symbol of the peaceful childhood of Ukrainian children.

Oksana Ivanets
technician of the Borys Paton State Children's Museum at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute