Behind the scenes of the Sikorsky Challenge festival 2021

An important event for Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and all domestic youth science - X anniversary Festival of innovative projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World "named the winners and successfully finished (see "KP" № 26, 2021). During the three days of August, the university was visited by hundreds of visitors - guests and talented inventors, who presented their developments. Many people worked on the organization and holding of the festival. The Sikorsky Challenge organizing committee did a lot of multifaceted work, and the departments and divisions of the university worked tirelessly and professionally.


Director of the Department of International Cooperation A.V. Kovtun spoke about the course of events: "During the preparation of the festival we worked with almost sixty diplomatic missions of foreign countries and international organizations in Ukraine. Delegations from 23 countries (Poland, Israel, Uzbekistan, USA, Switzerland, China, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Great Britain, Georgia, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, France, the Czech Republic, Australia, the NATO Information Centre) took part in the competition,  including diplomats from 20 embassies. Two delegations (Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates) were headed by ambassadors of these countries. Embassies and other structures of the USA, Japan and China took part in the online mode.

Negotiations were held with foreign companies from the USA, Europe, Israel, China and other countries, with international representations of the Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine" and international investment funds. Data on all these contacts is recorded. On this basis, an action plan of the department will be formed to expand international cooperation between the Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine" and the holding. Particular attention will be paid to the continuation of work with the delegation of the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan, with which a protocol on cooperation has been concluded. “

But there are also those who have always been out of the picture and who want to express special gratitude. These are our student volunteers (pictured) from different faculties / institutes: IEE, ISZZI, IASA, FL, FIOT, MMI and many others. They performed a very important mission: helped visitors of the Sikorsky Challenge, accompanied and translated for foreign guests all the activities of the festival. "It was interesting, informative, sometimes difficult, but they coped with each task, worked as one big team and once again proved that Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - is the one big family! " - noted by the department of educational work.

"On the first day of the festival, more than 400 guests visited the university at the same time, they joined both the start-up competition and the International Defence Investment Forum. It would seem that coordinating so many people between two parallel events in different locations is a tough task, but not for us! Our volunteer helpers kept everything under control. In addition, the organization of all locations, stands, exhibitions also fell on their shoulders, for which we are infinitely grateful, "- said the Department of International Cooperation.

During the closing ceremony and summing up, the festival partners repeatedly noted that the quality of organization is improving year by year, and the scale is growing, and it is thanks to students that the festival organizers are able to strive for more from year to year. "You are our support and our motivation, - Alla Kovtun said to the volunteers. - Your fruitful work, sincere smiles, incredible charge of energy caused the complete admiration by everyone . Indeed, the festival has evolved from a small idea to combine business and science into a powerful machine that embraces innovative ideas and transforms them into successful competitive developments. And every element of this mechanism is extremely important. We are incredibly happy to have gathered like-minded people who act so quickly and harmoniously. "

Summing up, Vice-Rector for Research Vitalii Pasichnyk noted: "Apart from the record number of projects submitted to the competition (320) and finalists (120), it should be noted that the festival became one of the largest and confirmed the ability of the team consisting of specialists of Innovation Holding, DITT, SRD, Media Laboratory, SMS, DSA, administrative structures, IPOT, to address a range of issues related to the organization of the event. "

Sikorsky Challenge 2021

On August 12-14, 2021, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute will hold the 10th Festival of Innovation Projects Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World.

Every year, about 200 innovation startup projects enroll in the Sikorsky Challenge Festival. However, a record number of 320applications marked this year the anniversary. The Expert Council chose for the final 130 startup projects and scientific and technical developments in six areas. They are defense and security; industrial high-tech and space; green energy, hydrogen economy, ecology; biomedical engineering and human health; agricultural engineering; information technology, digital country, and cybersecurity.

During the three days of the competition, the International Jury and investors will select the winners awarded with financial support.

The 10th Festival Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World focuses on the topic of defense development. Therefore, on the first day of the festival, August 12, the International Defense Investment Forum will come to pass. It will discuss strategically significant issues and the development of Ukraine's defense industry until 2030. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine, Oleh Uruskyi, will chair the event.

The Festival organizers are the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Strategic Industries, SC Ukroboronprom, Ministry of Digital Transformation, and Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.