The campus today: distant eviction, simple and idle time

It got unusually quiet and empty on campus. Out of the 12,000 residents in the first ten-day period of April, only 2,373 students stayed there (counting the residents of the family dormitory - 3,021). Despite the forced constraints, the campus administration responds adequately to external challenges and effectively ensures the functioning of the dormitories - their maintenance, service and operation at the appropriate level, as well as the comfort and safety of residents.

According to the head of the campus Ishchenko, with the introduction of transport restrictions, it became difficult to organise the work of people on duty at the entrance to the dormitories and repair and maintenance staff, as 60% of employees live outside the city. These people were forced to go on vacation or take leave. The problem of the absence of watchmen is partially solved with the help of the staff of the security department of the university, as well as thanks to students and dormitory staff who agreed to be on duty. Сleaning and disinfection are performed by the dormitory administration. Disinfectants were purchased and personal protective equipment was received from the university administration. The dormitory operation department carries out urgent repairs.

After the introduction of restrictions on the movement of Kyiv public transport, there were problems with access to work and local employees: representatives of the dormitory administration and staff - cleaners, watchmen, janitors, as well as technical staff - plumbers, electricians, carpenters. The number of cards received from the Kyiv City State Administration for public transport is insufficient for such employees.

Specialists in social and educational work are constantly taking measures to prevent coronavirus disease and monitor the health of students who remained in their rooms during the quarantine. Educational specialists communicate daily with students and dormitory managers to identify residents with signs of the disease. Such students must apply to the outpatient department and receive recommendations. Doctors also report cases of students to the campus. The work of the campus psychologist has converted to online mode using Skype. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection among the residents of dormitories, the access cards of those students who temporarily left for other settlements were blocked. Upon their return, they will be kept in the isolation ward for 14 days. Most dormitories have such separate accommodation with amenities and a stove and a separate exit.

From April 1, students who temporarily live at home and do not use communal services of dormitories, but for whom the place is kept there, are provided with the service of remote eviction from dormitories during quarantine (with subsequent sending of the application by Ukrposhta). In the first ten-day period of April, the campus e-mail has already received about a thousand such applications for suspension of payment.

The university administration also made advances for students who currently live in dormitories and allowed for the quarantine period to pay for accommodation not monthly in advance, as usual, but after the end of the quarantine (but not later than ten days after its end).

Therefore, with the joint efforts of the university administration, management, and staff of the campus, and following all quarantine requirements, we will survive the "corona" spring of 2020 with minimum losses.

Nadiia Libert