Sport life of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 2018

Sports occupies an important place among the hobbies of youth. It's a leisure and training, an interesting pastime, new friends, victories over oneself. We consider it necessary to preserve the physical education in the curriculum of the students of technical higher educationa establishment.

In the past school year, athletes and teams of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute won 18 first placts, 23 second ones, 13 third ones, among them 5, first places and 2 second in international competitions. More detailed information can be found on our site

At the international competitions the best were: V.Ivakhnenko (FBMI, coach A.G.Krylov), who became the winner of the World Championship among men of weightlifting. Boxer A.Tymco (FICS) won the “gold” at the Open Euphorb Cup of elite battles under the guidance of the coach D.Z. Zapolskyi. The team on aerobics became the second in the program “Sport aerobics – trio” (teachers T.V.Pasichna and N.M.Lozenko).

Our students won 22 medals at All-Ukrainian competitions.

Sambo and Judo: in the Sambo Tournament “Yuna Ukraina” Tymofiy Bondar (IEE, teacher P.M.Ageev) won the 3rd place; on the championship of Ukraine on sports and combat sambo Yuriy Zayvelyev (IASA) won the 3rd place; Olexandr Todoryuk (MMI) won 3rd place in the hand-to-hand fight at “Chernivtsi-2018” competition; Maxim Babenko (FTI) won the 3rd place on the championship of Ukraine on freestyle wrestling. Archery: athletes (coach O.V. Dyakova) took part in 21 competitions, Andriy Dotsyk, who became second in the Ukrainian championship indoors, is among winners.

Futsal team won the third place among the higher educational establishments. Boxers (coach D.P.Zapolskyi) won two gold awards: V.Laslykovych (TEF) at the Ukrainian Championship of Wushu-Sanda, R.Homeniuk (FICS) at the Ukrainian Frisian Championship. Weightlifter D.Birk (HTF) very successfully presented tjemselves at the Ukrainian Championship among men in wrestling, became the second. The Kyiv Sport Aerobics team (teachers T.V.Pasichna, N.M.Lozenko), represented Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the students, took second place in the absolute score of the Ukrainian Cup and at All-Ukrainian Student Games. Triathlete I. Grishyn (FBMI) became the second at the Winter Championship of Ukraine and second place was won by Y. Lysak (PBF) in the Cup of Ukraine (coach L.V.Mravalsky). Rugby-Polytechnic took the 3rd place at the Ukrainian Championship (coach O.S.Sabirov).

Students and teams of the University won 22 prize places at Kyiv competitions.

Judo team (coach P.M.Ageev) and personally Vladyslav Pesternikov (FICS), Rodion Kushch (FICS), Olexandr Perepelytsya (FEL), Serhiy Bass (IEE) became the winners of competitions among students of higher educational establishments. In the Open Cup of Kyiv in the shooting Margarita Salkova took  the 3rd place (coach O. V. Dyakova). Swimmer O. M. Chmeruk (FICS, coach O.Yu.Kachalov)  took the 3rd place at the Kyiv City Counci. Weightlifters (coach A.G. Krylylov) did not fall below the second place: A.Primushko (FAKS), M.Redko (FICS), A.Voytovych (TEF), R.Vekshin (HTF) were among winners on Kyiv City Championship among higher educational establishments; V. Boyko (FPM), M.Suprunenko (IHF), A.Chornyi (IEE), V.Shvydenko (FBT), R.Moskalenko (HTF) were among winners at the championship of Kyiv among young people; D. Shevchenko (FBT), O.Proskin (HTF) took the first and second places in the Open championship of Kiev among men and women.

Athletics: O. Belenyukin (FMM, coach N. M. Prus) became the second in the urban Student Race “Youth for Healthy Life”. Sport orientation: the team of the university (coach S.M. Uskova) took second place at the Open Championship of the Kyiv region, and in Chernigov, F.Karpovych (IASA) became the first, M.Zvyagin (FPM) – the second at the Ukrainian Championship among young men and juniors

Student teams from the University continue their winning titles. The futsalists (coaches S.O. Zhuravlyov and V.S. Kryvenda) took the first place in the Cup of Kyiv among higher education institutions and second places in the Kyiv City Championship among the higher educational institutions and the Kyiv Championship among the . The volleyball team (coach D.V.Tomashevskyi) became the winner in the Championship of Kyiv among student teams as well as last year. Triathlon team (coach L.V.Muravskyi) became the second in the championship of Kyiv among the higher educational establishments from the all-round “Defender of the Motherland”. Basketball players became the fourth ones at the Ukrainian Football Championship among the students, and were the first at the All-Ukrainian stage of the Ukrainian Basketball Championship. They also won the Cup of the trade union organization of Kyiv. The national football team (coach O.D.Mohunkko) has moved from the last place (last year) to the fifth stage of the tournament table.

The main competition of the University is the traditional annual Spartakiad. 154 teams from 11 sports from 21 faculties (institutes) took part in the competitions. The total number of participants was 1308 (1062 boys and 246 girls). Personal championship was held on the following sports: table tennis (40 participants), boxing (28), judo (21), weightlifting (31 students - on bench press and gymnastics). The most massive number of participants was the football competition – 392 students (19 teams). 208 volleyball fans were represented by 21 faculties, 148 students (19 teams) fought for the championship in basketball and 100 athletes (from 14 faculties) ran a lightweight belt race.

T.M. Solohina, the chair of sport improvement