Young scientists of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute – scholarship winners

By the decree of the Presidium of the Committee on State Awards of Ukraine in the field of science and technology of November 5, 2018, scholarships were awarded to young scientists who successfully carry out scientific research, carry out relevant scientific and technical developments and have already achieved recognized results. The scholarship was founded in order to support young scientists from academic institutions, organizations and institutions of higher education.

Among the awarded are the representatives of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”:

  • Bilous Inna Yuriivna – assistant of the Department of Heat Engineering and Energy Saving of IEE;
  • Vasiliev Georgyi Stepanovych – Candidate of Technical Sciences, assistant at the technology department of electrochemical manufactures of ChTF;
  • Veremiychuk Yuriy Andriyovych – Candidate of technical Sciences, lecturer of the department of power supply of IEE;
  • Vladymyrskyi Igor Anatolyovych – candidate of technical sciences, lecturer of the Department of Physics of metals of IFF;
  • Ivitskyi Igor Igorovych – candidate of technical sciences, lecturer of the Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering Department of the IHF;
  • Paliychuk Liliya Sergiivna – Candidate of technical sciences, Assistant at the Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis, IASA;
  • Solodkyi Yevgeniy Vasilyovych – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Scientist at the Department of high-temperature materials and powder metallurgy of IFF;
  • Trus Inna Mykolaivna – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor at the Department of Ecology and Technology of Plant Polymers of the IHF;
  • Shibetskyi Vladyslav Yuriyovych – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor at biotechnology and engineering department of FBT.

Congratulations to the young researchers and we hope for further success