Activities of the Department of Security: outcomes and prospects

On October 11, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute held a regular meeting of the security personnel of the security department, where Vadym Kondratyuk, head of the unit, made a statement on his work.

In his speech, he drew attention to the achievements of the department in the security of the university and emphasized the need to ensure the proper quality of university protection, preventing the entry of unauthorized persons, preservation of property, adherence to the passage regime, provision of protection of objects under security alarm, and prompt response to all calls and messages received by the security department.

In addition, there were discussed ways to improve the level of security in the university, based on the introduction of modern technical means of protection.

Vadym Kondratyuk stressed that students play an important role in the protection of public order. Some of them are members of the public formation for the protection of the public order – they provide peace of the student community. Others are students who have been vigilant and have repeatedly summoned the security department staff to the locations of offenses on the university territory. Their active position disciplines graduates of higher education, reduces the level of violations of law and order.

The manager stopped on topical issues of the department. The main one is the introduction of a new integrated security system of the university. The most important of its elements are check-through devices, communication and video surveillance.

The participants of the meeting identified the main tasks of the security deputy for the next 5 years.

The head of the department also expressed gratitude to the representatives of the 1st territorial department of the Solomyanskyi police department for the regular working out and introduction of preventive measures to prevent the commission of offenses on the territory of the university.

Participation in the meeting was taken by vice-rector for educational work Petro Kyrychok. He thanked the employees of the Security Department for their work, wished to quickly master the new integrated security system and thanked those the best on duty.

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