Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechic Institute Media centre presentation

Digital media centre is an important component of modern university information environment. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute isn't an exception. Recently created Media centre has to become an integral part of university media space. This is a platform where all university media resources will cooperate actively ( especially, public mass media relations department, newspapers "Kyiv Politechnic" , technical study methods department etc.).

It worths mentioning about the first attempts of video content system usage in educational process were made by university direction lond ago in 1982.  Broadcast centre under management of O.R. Rosluy has started working since September,1 in 1982, thanks to Japanese colleagues who had provided needed equipment. He worked on searching for new forms and information process methods . Video content , filmed by creative team , was intended for educational process usage. Particularly, there were some videofilms prepared: "Few words about geometry" , "Physics in video experiments", popular-science film about problems and prospects of robotechnology development etc. Unfortunately, in rebellious 90s Broadcast centre stopped his existence and there is only little part of filmed content left . And thanks to efforts of a small enthusiastic group from technical study methods department, who have been keeping the archive during all these years, filming new content  and capturing all university events,not all this inheritance was lost.

New Media centre presentation took place on October,9 in 2018. "Firstly we aim to make educational process be as interesting and clear for students as possible"- doctor of economics, management and marketing faculty professor , head of new mediastructure Natalia Semenchenko points out. We gathered best qualified professionals and specialists in our team, who have enormous experience of teaching occupation, as well as working on television. Most of them - former Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute graduates or its current workers, and, so, they understand all specificity of work in universities. Also some workshops will be organized for students on Media centre base. Cooperation with Institute of printing and publishing, Institute of specialized communication and  security, electronic faculty,  faculty of informatics and computer science, faculty of radio engineering, faculty of management and marketing.

 Media centre employees aim to create conditions for creative student ideas implementation and own media projects implementation. Here one can learn critical thinking and media content creation.

To that end the Media school by Media centre was opened. There students will be able to absorb media occupation, work with best film directors, directors of photography, writers and other creative individuals, by developing and learning dynamic world novelties. This project presentation was held by former graduate , director of photography Sergiy Lykyanets: " To date, video content is the most expensive und requested. We will teach you how to film and edit the content. You will acquire some practical skills in film directing, plot writing art, cameraman and actor mastery.Lessons schedule will be published on the next week on media centre site. We are pleased to invite all who wish!"

Media centre has its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/media.centre.kpi) and Telegram channel  (@media_kpi), where all main university life events will be reported, the most interesting student projects will take place, different cases, professor lectures, and also videos about all KPI faculties to give all needed information to applicants. Today filming of 11 projects has started, and 7 from them belong to students.Also there is a casting of hosts for student programmes taking place and a video filming to 100+year anniversary of faculty of electrical power engineering and automatics. The centre is always ready to cooperate successfully with all who have interesting ideas and offers!