Tourists of KPI are competing

Suddenly autumn was over. It gave not only colorful photos long "Indian summer", but many sport competitions where our students had successfully results.

Thus, sport tourism team, which this year be added with a group of talented and promising freshmen, led by coaches - sportsman, member of the Kyiv sport tourism team (MMR) S.M.Sohа and senior teacher V.M.Myhaylenko - took part in the following competitions:

1. autumn tourist meeting dedicated to the World Day of Tourism (educational-training camp) was held in Zhornivka village on 2015/09/18-20. There was internal competition among team members and teams which took a part of meeting.

 In the overall standings the first place took the team "KPI-1" consists of: A. Seagull (I) TEF; O.M.Vasylenko (MMR), TEF; M.O.Kravets (I), fax; V.I.Kladochnyy (I) IHF; O.S.Lypko (II), ITC; P.M.Merzlikina (I) FTI. The second - the team "KPI-2" including: V.V.Honta (MMR) FIVT; A.M.Myhaylenko (I) FIVT; O.S.Yalynnyk (II), TEF; V.V.Sydoruk (II), IEE; M.O.Pryhodko (II), IFB; H.O.Demidov (III), FEA. Third - the team "KPI-3" consisting of: SI Sheremet (I) MMI; A.O.Fedchenko (II), FS; A.Ye.Panchenko, FMM; P.O.Lisovska, FMM; O.O.Protsyuk (III), IHF; V.M.Horyanin (II) FEL.

 2. Open Sport Tourism Championship of Kyiv region was held in Snitynka vilage on 2015/10/09-11. Our sportsmen have shown remarkable desire to win and successfully coped with the target goal. University defended the honor of the team: "CPI-1" in the A.Yu.Chayka (I) TEF; VV Sidoruk (II), IEE; AS Labels (II), ITC; PN Merzlikin (II), FTI; A.O.Hubar, FEL; A.M.Otdelonova, VPI; "CPI-2" composed of: A. Vasilenko (MMR), TEF; V.I.Kladochnyy (I) IHF; M.O.Kravets (I), fax; A.O.Danylchuk (II), IHF; P.O.Lisovska, FMM; A.Ye.Panchenko, FMM; "CPI-3" consisting of: H.O.Demidov (III), FEA; M.O.Pryhodko (II), IFB; A.Ye.Denysov, FEA; V.V.Honta (MMR) FIVT; A.O.Fedchenko (II), FS; A.M.Myhaylenko (I) FIVT.

 3. Cup stage of sports (walking) tourism "Autumn Leaves" was held in Kyiv on 2015/10/18. Our teams took eighth - ninth places.

 4. Cup stage of sports tourism "Holosiivskyi forest", was held in Kyiv on 2015/11/15. The "KPI-1" took second place, and "CPI-2" - the third.

 5. Members of the team "KPI" led by coach S.M.Soha took part in competitions of hiking equipment "Kyiv in November 2015" on 27-29 November. Despite the harsh weather conditions and difficult stages close to competitions - 36 hours’ class "Techno" and 12 hours’ class "Sprint" - our tourists worthy of fighting for victory.

 Also in the 24th Corps our climbers began training led by senior teacher V.M.Myhaylenka and permanent captain Eugen Kozak (pictured). Starts of climbers still ahead, but today candidates are being selected to the national team, conduct training, different skills are improving.

Inf. Department of Physical Education