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MeetUp: Ukrainian-German Meetings with Youth: Impressions of Participants

MeetUp: Ukrainian-German Meetings with Youth: Impressions of Participants

This academic year, our united group of five students of the Joint Ukrainian-German Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (JUGFME) of the National Technical University of Ukraine " Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute " and five students of the Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University,(Mykolayiv)took part in the international project "Wendeerfahrungen in Deutschland und in der Ukraine" within the framework of the "MeetUp. Ukrainian-German Youth Meeting" program.

On September 23, we arrived to Berlin, where we met our German teammates at the Potsdam University project. The Staying in Berlin was short, only a week, but very busy. Many thematic excursions to the city, workshops on the organization of exhibitions, meetings with people who witnessed and participated in historical events at the turn of the 80's and 90's were planned that week. In addition, much attention was paid to communicating with the Germans and discussing the upcoming exhibition, which our united group wanted to present after the Ukrainian week of the project in March 2018 in Kiev, Mykolayiv and Potsdam.

During the week we united into small thematic groups and in the end presented our ideas about the exhibits related to the life and everyday life of Ukrainian and German citizens in the 80's and 90's. The creative ideas of the project participants were approved by the leaders and other students.

Thanks to this project, we have became acquainted with new people - German students, eyewitnesses of events, have updated our knowledge of German culture, the history of a certain period, learned a lot new. Although the schedule of the project was quite tense, we found time for walks by evening Berlin, for communicating with our German comrades on a variety of topics, as well as having an interesting and useful time for all participants.

Katya Kiriyanova, Artem Maidanovych, Viktor Artyushenko, 4th year students of JUGFME


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