Зразки білетів [бакалаврат]: Англійська мова

1. Прочитайте текст. Після тексту даються 6 незавершених речень. До кожного речення пропонуються  4 варіанти його завершення (а, b, c, d ). Закінчіть їх.

The largest lake in the western United States is the Great Salt Lake, an inland saltwater lake in northwestern Utah, just outside the state capital of Salt Lake City. Rivers and streams feed into the Great Salt Lake, but none drain out of it; this has a major influence on both the salt content and the size of the lake. Although the Great Salt Lake is fed by fresh water streams, it is actually saltier than the oceans of theworld. The salt comes from the more than two million tons of minerals that flow into the lake each year from the rivers and creeks that feed it. Sodium and chloride — the components of salt — comprise the largemajority of the lake's mineral content.          

The Great Salt Lake can vary tremendously from its normal size of 1,700 square miles, depending on long-term weather conditions. During periods of heavy rains, the size of the lake can swell tremendously from the huge amounts of water flowing into the lake from its feeder rivers and streams; in 1980 the lake even reached a size of 2,400 square miles. During periods of dry weather, the size of the lake decreases, sometimes drastically, due to evaporation.

  1. The passage is NOT telling about...
    a) the location of the lake; b) the formation of the lake; c) the reasons for saltiness; d) the size of the lake.
  2. The word "drain"  means:
    a) walk; b) stop; c) flow; d) cross
  3. According to the passage, the size of the lake depends on...
    a)one reason; b) two reasons; c) three reasons; d)  four reasons.      
  4. It may be inferred from the passage that...               
    a) the water leaves the lake through some underground passages;

    b) the water evaporates intensively from the surface; 
    c) the water only feeds the lake without leaving it;
    d) there is no water at all but a saline and mineral solution.
  5. The word "drastically" may be best replaced with...
    a) immediately; b) thoroughly; c) to a critical extent;      d) weakly.
  6. The lake is salty because...
    a) salty rivers flow into it; b) its bottom is made of salt; c) salt is not carried out of the lake; d) it is a part of an ocean.
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2. Перетворіть слова, надруковані великими літерами так, щоб вони відповідали змісту тексту:

Millions of people tune the weather forecast each evening on (1) VISION ___________________________.

The weather is a national (2) OBSESS __________________________ in Britain, perhaps, because it is so                       (3) CHANGE_________________________.It's the (4) NATION ___________________________ talking point. A weather forecaster's job is very complicated because they have to predict (5) ENVIRONMENT                   ___________________________ conditions. For example, in summer the weather forecast has to include the pollen count for (6) FEVER _____________________ suffers. Some also include reports on ultraviolet radiation                  (7) INTENSE _____________________________ to help people avoid sunburns.

3. Визначте, який варіант відповіді (a, b, c, d) відповідає за змістом підкресленому слову:

  1. Given the inconveniences, that the early pioneers grew to love their simple homes is a credit to their spirit and courage.
    a) discounting                b) taking account of          c) above and beyond       d) justifying
  2. With the advent of the motor car, travel became more accessible to the population in general.
    a) success                        b) arrival                          c) necessity                      d) revision
  3. People who live close to others must be careful not to interfere with their neighbors' lives.
    a) inquire about           b) intrude upon               c) talk about                    d) complain about
  4. The treacherous shoals off the coast of Cape Hatteras are sometimes referred to as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic".
    a) ships                       b) waters                            c) sand dunes                 d) lighthouses
  5. Regulatory boards set up to protect consumers from contaminated and adulterated food are not quite as effective as we would like them to be.
    a) usually                   b) closely                             c) practically                    d) entirely
  6. One disproved theory of how infants learn language was that they learned to speak by mimicking their parents.
    a) unpopular             b) early                             c) distinguished              d) invalidated
  7. Using foster parents, scientists continue to hatch whooping cranes in the wild, but the success of the project is viewed with skepticism.
    a) hope                      b) doubt                         c) certainty                       d) surprise
  8. When the Barnum & Bailey Circus returned to the United States from Europe, it found a strong rival had sprung up in the Ringling Brothers circus.
    a) appeared               b) conspired                      c) joined                            d) starred
  9. Within a wintering hive, a cluster of bees moves slowly about on the comb, eating the stored honey, which is their energy source.
    a) line                          b) mass                              c) migration                    d) mission
  10. Consumers are reluctant to borrow money when current and future income prospects are uncertain or distinctly unfavorable.
    a) investments            b) bargains                        c) possibilities                 d) clients
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4. Утворіть речення, об’єднавши частини з колонки А та колонки В.                                                                                      

  A B
  1. You look as if
  2. The teacher said that
  3. Larry would be very glad if
  4. Kyle was feeding the piglets while
  5. Mrs. Flynn would have been very happy then if
  6. I wish somebody
  7. Simon said
  8. If you had brought the book yesterday
  9. I might as well
  10. Anna had done her assignments
  1. before her parents returned.
  2. have a glass of fizzy drink.
  3. he would cook pizza himself.
  4. Paris is the capital of France.
  5. would turn off the TV set.
  6. she had won a million dollars.
  7. G.   I would write the test now.
  8. you had seen a ghost.
  9. his father was milking the cows.
  10. Moira came here.


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5. Знайдіть та виправте помилку в кожному з поданих н нижче речень:

  1. In his shoes Hank did the same. ______________________________________________
  2. After to visit my uncle I went home ____________________________________________
  3. They saw a pack of deer on the meadow.________________________________________
  4. Oats is used as a fodder for horses. ____________________________________________
  5. Israel is washed by Dead Sea. ________________________________________________
  6. Mr. Harper speaks as if he has a bad cold. _______________________________________
  7. Susan has returned home before her sister came. ___________________________________
  8. All the cows will milked by the farmer tomorrow morning.____________________________
  9. Circumstances permit, the Browns will go to the seaside._____________________________
  10. The weather is likely changing._______________________________________________

6. Заповніть пропуски ОДНИМ словом, що підходить за змістом:

  1. Roy____________________________________ been writing this test for two hours.
  2. The Browns had_______________________     looking for the villa like that for a year before they found it.
  3. Luckily the pilot______________________________        able to land the plane last week.
  4. The professor said that the universe __________________________endless.
  5. We saw a ________________________________________    of wolves in the forest last winter.
  6. The papers have________________________________________ found in the chest of drawers.
  7. The contents of this new novel___________________________________ so boring.
  8. He was the _____________________________________________ to come and help us.
  9. Time _______________________________________________________, we'll go and get some cherries.

10. I'm looking forward____________________________________________________ seeing you soon.

7. Виберіть літеру, що відповідає правильному варіанту відповіді:

  1. When I came to the library, it was already closed. I  ___ a bit earlier.
    A. should have come                       B. had to come                   C. came                 D. must have come
  2. ___ African cheetah is believed to be the fastest animal.
    A. an                                                     B. ---                                      C. the                                    D. one
  3. Fred doesn’t speak Greek. ___ his sister.
    A.   Neither can                 B. Neither does                 C.  No                                    D.  Nor speaks
  4. Six months ___ a long period to spend in hospital.
    A. is                                                       B. are                                    C. been                 D. being
  5. I ___ my bank manager this morning. I’ve fixed an appointment.
    A. saw                                                  B. shall have seen            C. will see                            D. am seeing
  6. He will change his mind after he ___ the document.
    A. saw                                                  B. has seen                         C. had seen         D. will see
  7. He seemed ___ all about influenza and said there was nothing to worry about.
    A. know                                               B. knowing                         C. to know           D. to be known
  8. Sophia got burnt. She ___ in the sun.
    A. laid                                                   B. lay                                    C. had been lying              D. was lying
  9. The woman asked the tour guide where the main tourist office ___.
    A. was                                                  B. will be                             C. is                        D. would have been
  10. He ___ left the letter unanswered.
    A. can’t have                                      B. must be                           C. has to               D. will be
  11. Jack’s body was covered with many green and red ___.
    A. tattooes                                          B. tattoes                            C. tattoos                            D. tattoo
  12. Mr. Green has two shirts. One is pink, ___ is white.
    A. another                                          B. other                               C. the other                        D. other’s
  13. At this time of the day the streets of Athens are empty. Very ___ people appear in the pitiless sun.
    A. a lot of                                             B. little                                 C. few                    D. many
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8. В поданих нижче виразах використайте  MAKE або DO:

  1. ____________ peace
  2. ____________ or break something
  3. ____________ the shopping
  4. ____________ a lot of damage
  5. ____________ breakfast
  6. ____________ research
  7. ____________ fun of somebody
  8. ____________exercise

9. Розкрийте дужки і напишіть дієслова у правильній формі:

  1. Why don’t you have your piano (tune) ____________________?
  2. Then he looked out of the window and saw clouds (gather) ____________________ in the sky.
  3. I can’t help (wonder)____________________ why Larry did such a foolish thing.
  4. If he hadn’t been afraid of height, he (try)____________________ to climb the tower.
  5. The house (finish)____________________ by the time he comes to the town.
  6. When our ship entered the port, two ships (unload) ____________________ there.
  7. He came at 6 as he (ask) ____________________ to do.
  8. The workers promised that the production (increase) ____________________ by the end of the next year.
  9. He said that new machines (supply) ____________________ to the plant in a month.
  10. My neighbour had his garage (break) ____________________ into by car thieves.

10. Перекладіть речення з української на англійську мову:

  1. Чим більше він працював, тим менше часу він присвячував родині.
  2. У шкільній бібліотеці втричі більше книг, ніж я маю вдома.
  3. Вам не треба приходити знову. Ми відішлемо документи поштою.
  4. Заходячи в приміщення театру, він зрозумів, що вистава вже почалася.
  5. Я вже був у ліжку, коли раптом почув стук у двері.
  6. Він італієць за походженням і його назвали в честь діда.
  7. Завтра буде місяць, як я чекаю відповідь на свого листа.
  8. Я вдруге бачу цю дівчину. ЇЇ обличчя мені знайоме.
  9. Коли він подорослішав, він зрозумів, як багато батьки зробили для нього.
  10. Він навчився плавати в дитинстві. Тоді сім’я жила на півдні.
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