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Multivisor Wider: the control system, the simulator, the research device

презентація компанії  "Мультивізор"

Among the projects presented at the Festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2016", the attention of all was attracted by the presentation of the company "Multivisor". A huge screen with a clear image, a comfortable armchair in front of it, high-quality audio, an ergonomic joystick for control - just imagine yourself a participant in video communications and want to "emulate" the role of a pilot or controller. We talk about the company and its developments with the manager of business projects of the company "Multivisor" Anton Galyashinsky.

- What is your company specializing in and how does it collaborate with Kiev Polytechnic?

- Multivisor Ltd. is a company that develops and manufactures multimedia equipment, which created in 2016. The project team conducts its research and development activities on the basis of the "National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"from 2013 and is a technical partner of the innovative ecological system Sykorsky Challenge. The company "Multivisor" has developed a multifunctional product for training and teamwork.

- At the Sykorsky Challenge, you presented a project called Wider. What does he represent and what is meant for?

- Wider is a laser projection monoblock, made in the form of collapsible mobile construction that is easily mounted. The product includes a panoramic seamless screen with contour backlighting, a high-performance computer, a laser projection module, studio acoustics, and an uninterruptible power supply. The device is compatible with the professional telecommunication equipment on the hardware and software level, and also allows to connect and use various external sources.

Wider is equipped with a specially designed case for transportation, transformed into a functional table. The product is an autonomous integrated solution and is intended for the operational organization of measures using telecommunication and information technologies.

- What are the characteristics and capabilities of this development?

- The product provides the ability to create scalable monitoring systems, namely surveillance and control, communications, geoinformation. Multivisor allows you to work comfortably and efficiently with satellite almanac, GPS, GLONASS. The programmable contour of the multivisor screen illuminates the operation of the operator, allows for additional notification when working with large data, automate the control of dynamic changes and events.

The concept of the device, its performance and functionality allow to organize training systems for driving and piloting various types of ground and aircraft, special equipment, rail and sea transport, as well as drones. In addition, Wider designed a special armchair simulator to measure the reality of the movement.

– Do you have customers on these systems?

- To date, the company "Multivisor" has been implementing its first orders for the supply of its devices in the educational sphere for foreign transport organizations and state higher education institutions.

- Who is the developer of the multivisor?

- The team of the project - graduates of the Kiev Polytechnic: Anton Galyashinsky, Denis Zakharov and postgraduate student of KPI Volodymyr Novikov.

-When KPI graduates come to you, what they do?

- Volodymyr Novikov is a graduate of HPI, is engaged in designing, computer simulation, preparation of drawings, visualization of models, search of technical solutions for problem solving. Also participates in the assembly of a multivisor: able to solder, twist, cut, drill, etc. And came to our company first as a customer to test the prototype of the bracelet Force Lisa Voronkova. It was tested on the prototype of the first Weider. I was interested. And so it remained. Volodymyr attracts inexhaustibility in the work: the search for interesting solutions, the ability to model devices, a spacious workspace on the territory of the KPI.

Denis Zakharov graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Physics, he came at the invitation of the founder in the company, engaged in selection of computer components, acoustic system preparation, assembly and configuration of devices, software preparation, etc.

– Are you also a graduate of the Kiev Polytechnic. How was your professional activity?

- I graduated from the Faculty of Information Protection of VITI, worked more than 10 years in the field of integrated security systems and monitoring of engineering infrastructure, video communication systems, means of displaying large data and collective work. In 2013  was decided to develop an innovative multifunctional batch product, which combines a wide range of possibilities. This is the multivisor Wider.

Today I am the author of the ideology and concept of the project R & D, business process manager, SEO Wider LLC. The work attracts effective mutually beneficial cooperation with the university and the innovative ecosystem, a convenient location for the development and demonstration of the product.

- How do you plan to develop cooperation with KPI?

- Among the possible prospects of cooperation with the University - the use of the multivisor Wider in research and educational process with the involvement of leading domestic and foreign companies, the implementation of joint projects.


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