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Labyrinth - Spring 2016

2016.05.13-15 змагання "Лабіринт", команда переможців "Покемони"

Every spring and autumn "KPI" campus provides sports and travel game "Labyrinth", which is looking forward to the students. And this spring is no exception. On the 13-15 of May 18 teams 180 members in total arrived at the base of the WTO "Polytechnic" where competitions were held.

Vadym Mazur – rectorial scholar of IME

Вадим Мазур - стипендіат  ректора з ММІ

"In a few months I’ll have a diploma defense, graduate ... and I miss my Polytechnic" - Vadym Mazur began his story in this way. He is the magistrand of the Department of laser technology, physical and engineering technologies, rectorial scholar in this semester.

Bogdan Glyvynskyy about LitVezha

Богдан Гливинський

In September 2015, in the KPI tower, the event that changed the literary life of our university took place – the LitVezha project came into the world. Boys and girls, students of KPI(and not only them) started helding theme nights devoted word of art.

Shaping competition

Команда ФТІ - Н.Самара, Ю.Саук, К.Рішко

The competition, held upon the Olympics Program of the "KPI", was attended by 85 students of FBMI, FMF, FL, HTF, FMM, FEL, ITC, FPM, fax, MMI, PTI, FIVT, FAT, VPI, IASA, IMD, FBT, IEE. The main aim of the competition is the popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle.

Aerobics competition for the championship among the faculties

2016.04.20 Переможці змагань з аеробіки на першість факультетів

The competitions in sport aerobics for the championship among the faculties upon the Olympics Program of the "KPI" was held on April 20 in the aerobics and fitness gymnasium of the TSFVS. The tournament began with the parade of participating teams.

Rector Scholars from the PPI 2016

Кампус КПІ. Артстіна. ВПІ

Publishing and Printing Institute has been always attracting talented, ambitious and mobile youth. They receive up-to-date knowledge, using the best experience. Therefore, they usually come across few problems while searching for a job.

To Intellectual Property Day – a meeting in the Ukrpatent

2016.04.26 зустріч в Укрпатенті

On April 26 - the day of the establishment of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - the world celebrates the Day of Intellectual Property.

The First Master Class of the Student Space Belka

2016.04.13 Перший майстер-клас студентського простору Belka

On April 13 the first master-class of the student space Belka took place: "Belka with our own hands", in which students made 100 fixtures into LED lamps. In 2 hours a friendly team of 14 people - boys and girls, techies and humanitarians - coped with this task.

Students of KPI participated in the International Conference of young scientists and students "New directions of Instrument engineering"

2016.04.20-22 9-та МНТК молодих вчених і студентів «Нові напрямки розвитку приладобудування»

Students of NTUU "KPI" took part in the 9-th International scientific conference of young scientists and students "New directions of Instrument engineering" which was held from 20 to 22 April 2016 at the Belarusian National Technical University (Minsk, Belarus).

Oleksiy Melnyk – rectorial scholar of FEA

Олексій Мельник

During this semester a five year student of FEA, from the department of automation of electromechanical systems and electric drive (AEMS-EP) Oleksiy Melnyk receives rectorial scholarship. The youth advances carefully and consistently to the future profession.



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