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Doors Open Day: everything future applicants have to know

2017.02.25 День відкритих дверей

Several hundreds of future applicants and their parents visited Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute to familiarize themselves with its institutes and faculties and to get first hand information about this year admission requirements.

Doors Open Day at the Department of Physics of Metals

2017.01.26 День відкритих дверей на кафедрі фізики металів

January 26 at the Department of Physics and Metals of Physical Engineering Faculty Doors Open Day took place. There were invited students of 10th and 11th grades from one of Kiev schools - potential applicants and their parents. In general, everyone could visit this event.

Doors Open Day in December

2016.12.24 День відкритих дверей в грудні

Future applicants and their parents took part in events of regular Doors Open Day of National technical university of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute that was hold in December, 22 in building № 1.

The results of admission to the university in 2016

Таблиця. Загальна характеристика прийому в 2016 р.

This year’s admission of students significantly differed from the reception of the past years.

Doors Open Day of NTUU “KPI” in Ukrainka city

2016.04.03 День відкритих дверей НТУУ «КПІ» в місті Українка

Doors Open Day of NTUU “KPI” in Ukrainka city took place in the Culture Center “Energetyk” of Ukrainka city on 3d of April. The event was organized in terms of the cooperation agreement between the university and Ukrainka local Council.

Doors Open Day: 16.03.2016

2016.03.16 День відкритих дверей

Doors Open Day was hold traditionally in Center of culture and art of NTUU “KPI” in March, 16.

Doors Open Day in NTUU “KPI” 20.12.2015

2015.12.20 День відкритих дверей в НТУУ «КПІ»

Over a thousand of future high school graduates and their parents visited Culture Center of KPI on December, 20th within Doors Open Day

Local conference on enrollment campaign 2016

2015.11.19 регіональна нарада-семінар з питань організації і проведення прийому вступників до ВНЗ

The local conference on issues of organization and realization of enrollment campaign to the higher educational establishments of all ownership and subordination forms in 2016 was hold in NTUU “KPI” in November, 19.



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