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Rare books of descriptive geometry

Студенти ММІ під час вручення бібліотеці старовинного видання

First year students of almost all faculties acquainted with the exhibition of rare books on descriptive geometry during March - April which was deployed in the hall of rare books of STL NTUU "KPI".

Exotic Miss of KPI

2016.03.31 Конкурс  International Miss KPI 2016

The competition International Miss KPI 2016 - the most anticipated event for all foreign students of our university was held on March, 31 in the center of consolidation of students "Intonation".

New media-projects of KPI

In Department of academic work radio speech operation of KPI has been restarted.

"Book Fair" from Publishing and Printing Institute

2016.03.11 Книжковий вернісаж в залах "Брами Заборовського" Софії Київської

March 11, 2016 in the halls, "Bramy Zaborowskogo" Sophia Kyiv opened magical world of illustrations titled "Book Fair". This is the first artistic and educational project involving students of graphic Publishing and Printing institute NTUU "KPI" that went out of our alma mater.

SmartCityKPI project and stages of implementation

Кампус КПІ. Головний корпус, Вежа

Recently, in KPI social media spread information about large-scale project campus Student Council (CPC), aimed at improving living conditions on campus KPI. We like its residents, this project, of course, interested and we wanted to know more about its implementation.

Beautiful and professional

Таланти КПІ 2015. Кузеванова Ірина Сергіївна, асистент кафедри загальної та неорганічної хімії, Квітка Будди

We offer the best story of the students - scholars rector of the IHF.

KPI team is a champion of climbing in Ukraine

2016.02.19-21 Десятий чемпіонат України зі скелелазіння серед студентської молоді (вид програми – болдеринг)

The tenth climbing championship of Ukraine among students (type of program - bouldering) was held on February, 19-21 in Kryvyi Rih. 70 strongest athletes - representatives of 14 universities come to measure dexterity.

Program "Erasmus +" at NTUU “KPI”

Програми "Еразмус+" в КПІ

Under the title "Erasmus +" January 1, 2014 a new program of the European Union started to improve skills and efficiency in education, training, youth and sport.

Miroslava Stremetskaya is a student from PTI who receives a scholarship from Rector

Стипендіатка ректора з ФТІ Мирослава Стремецька

As a result of the winter session the names of new owners of scholarships from rector of the NTUU "KPI" have been called. Without a doubt, every scholar worthy of awards for their academic, sporting, cultural and organizational skills. But each of them has its own success story.

The work is pleasant and necessary

Тукіна Тетяна Андріївна

Social worker, educator is not a profession, it is a vocation  which is possible not for everyone. They are invisible in everyday life, but their work requires enormous dedication, humanity and the boundless kindness.



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