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Summary report

Pro-rector P.O. Kyrychok speaks about educational work at the university in 2017

П.О. Киричок

The main areas of activity of the Department of Educational Work in 2017 were the following: academic work, scholarship, academic mobility, social and cultural work, sports education, development of informational space and security at the university

The combination of fundamental and practical training is a guarantee of the competitiveness of graduates

2018.03.12 доповідь першого проректора університету Ю.І. Якименка про підсумки навчальної роботи університету за 2017 рік

The priority task of our university in modern conditions is to ensure high-quality competitive education at all its levels

Budget outturn in 2017

University budget for 2017 in the amount of 1332.0 million USD was executed at 103.5%, whereby revenue plan of the general fund is realized to 100%, and plan for special fund revenue – to 116.5%. Compared to 2016, the budget increased to UAH 311.5 million, or by 29.2%.

The results of the university's international activities in 2017 and tasks for 2018

2018.02.12 Доповідь проректора з міжнародних зв'язків  С.І.Сидоренка про підсумки міжнародної діяльності

In 2017, the international activity of our university was carried out according to the Igor Sikorsky KPI Strategy of Development for the period of 2012-2020 and the Action Plan for its implementation, and in general, provided some positive results.

Science and Innovation in 2017

2018.02.12 Звіт проректора М.Ю. Ільченка про роботу у 2017 р.

2017 became the year of further implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On Scientific, Scientific and Technical Activity" for science of Ukraine.

Work Security department’s activity in 2017

Е.Г.Луцик та X.X. Бабаджанов

The main goal of the Department of Work Security of the KPI is the implementation of the constitutional right of workers to protect their lives and health.

Common work is the key to the prosperity of the university. From the report of the Vice-Rector for educational work P.O. Kirichka about activity in 2016

П.О. Киричок

The main activities of the Department of Teaching and Educational Activities in 2016 were academic work, scholarship, academic mobility, educational and organizational work, social and cultural-mass work, physical education and sports, development of information space, patriotic education, securi

High-quality and innovative education - the basis of competitive university. From the report of the vice rector Yu.I.Yakymenka about work in 2016

Ю.І. Якименко

            The activities of our university aim to provide high quality, competitive  as an active two-way process based on defining innovative component and contemporary forms and technology education.

Implementation of 2016 budget

University budget for 2016 approved in the amount of 1,039,500,000 USD, executed at 102.6%, the general fund revenue plan fulfilled by 100.0%, and plan special fund revenues - by 112.3%.

Compared to the 2015 budget year increased by 106.5 million USD, or 11.1%.

Focus on the internationalization of university. From the report on work in 2016 made by S.I. Sidorenko, who is the Vice-Rector of International Relations

Середні питомі показники міжнародної діяльності першої та останньої десяток кафедр, 2016 р.

Strengthening of the international components in National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute after Igor Sikorsky" remains a priority in the Department of International Cooperation (DIC).



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