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Summer Holidays in the Carpathians: the extreme and the beautiful in accord.

Колектив КПІ. Студенти в Карпатах

I have gotten acquainted with Yulia Osipchuk (FL) and Dmytro Chernovyi (TEF), the fifth-year students, in the tourist camp “Globus”, they came there for “nature, people and emotions”. Yulia is here for the third time and Dmytro is for the second.

The persistent conquer the peaks

О. Кришталь-8.jpg

Oleksandr Kryshtal, the fifth-year student of FBMI, is a future rehabilitation professional. In particular, he plans to work with designing and operation of equipment for the improvement in the quality of life - recovery, correction and sustentation of a motor function.

Traditional celebrations on the occasion of First year student Day took place on the square of Knowledge of NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” on 31th of August

2016.08.31 урочистості з нагоди Дня першокурсника

Almost 4 thousand young people from throughout of Ukraine and other countries this year became the members of Kyiv polytechnic family. They will become students of 19 faculties and 7 institutes of the university.

ITS students - leaders in telecommunications

Кампус КПІ. Артстіна. ІТС

This year's spring and early summer season began intensive research to students of  ITS: student competition, two competitions of scientific papers and several international conferences –  incomplete list of activities where talented youth can try their hand.

Named Scholars of the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management (IEE)

Four of IEE students would receive a rector scholarship that semester: Marina Canar, Julia Kuzmina, Maria Melnychuk and Evgeny Shumsky

Students of KPI save hearts

2016.05.13 фінал Хакатона Cities Hakathon at Internet of Things World 2016

May 13 in Santa Clara, California, it was the final two-day international hackathon Cities Hakathon at Internet of Things World 2016. Two years in a row, the first place in the competition of the best developers takes Ciklum.

They won’t be worse than the neighbors

Антон Яхно

Anton Yakhno, the third year student of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , is distinguished among his peers by knowledge, outstanding achievements in studies and fitness level. He always was intent on purpose to be at the head of agemates and drove to it.

"Mars Hopper": from the idea to victory

Члени команди розробників проекту Mars Hopper В. Осауленко, О. Буткалюк і  С. Буткалюк під час зустрічі в НТУУ КПІ

The project of mars rover, or rather mars aircraft "Mars Hopper" developed in Ukraine won an international hackathon "NASA Space App Challenge". This is a competition, which  is regularly held under the auspices of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of USA (NASA) since 2012.

Victor Vytvytskyi - Super Scholar

Витвицький Віктор

Probably nothing like this has ever happened in the history of NTUU “KPI”.

Unforgettable trip to Zhitomir

2016.05.04 екскурсія в м. Житомир

Spring! A wonderful time when nature wakes up and comes to life after winter, and students take walk in the KPI park more often and go out with friends.



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