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KPI team is a champion of climbing in Ukraine

2016.02.19-21 Десятий чемпіонат України зі скелелазіння серед студентської молоді (вид програми – болдеринг)

The tenth climbing championship of Ukraine among students (type of program - bouldering) was held on February, 19-21 in Kryvyi Rih. 70 strongest athletes - representatives of 14 universities come to measure dexterity.

Program "Erasmus +" at NTUU “KPI”

Програми "Еразмус+" в КПІ

Under the title "Erasmus +" January 1, 2014 a new program of the European Union started to improve skills and efficiency in education, training, youth and sport.

Miroslava Stremetskaya is a student from PTI who receives a scholarship from Rector

Стипендіатка ректора з ФТІ Мирослава Стремецька

As a result of the winter session the names of new owners of scholarships from rector of the NTUU "KPI" have been called. Without a doubt, every scholar worthy of awards for their academic, sporting, cultural and organizational skills. But each of them has its own success story.

The work is pleasant and necessary

Тукіна Тетяна Андріївна

Social worker, educator is not a profession, it is a vocation  which is possible not for everyone. They are invisible in everyday life, but their work requires enormous dedication, humanity and the boundless kindness.

The win of basketball players

2016.12.23 фінальні ігри XVI турніру з баскетболу серед чоловічих студентських команд

23 December in sports complex NTUU "KPI" the finals basketball games among men's teams of XVI Finals Tournament have passed for The Cup of Student union association of Kiev.

Presents for children

2015.12.19 День Святого Миколая

St. Nicholas Day is the most favorite holiday for children and adults: for children - because long-expected presents wait for them under the pillow in the morning; for adults - because it is the greatest happiness to make gifts for children in exchange for their happy and smiling face.

Student troops memory

2015.12.19 Студентський десант пам’яті

Each of us who at least once visited the cemetery, could see the complete abandonment of some tombs. Usually people accuse buried relatives who do not look after these grave.

Chess tournament

2015.11.26 Шаховий турнір студмістечка

November 26, was the long-awaited chess tournament between students who live on campus. In tournament was attended by 26 students from various hostels. The game was uncompromising and interesting. We thank all participants and congratulate the winners.

The meeting with the representatives of the most active student members

2015.12.09 Зустріч з представниками студентського активу

In December, 9, rector of NTUU “KPI”, Mychailo Zgyrovskyi had a meeting with the members of students group – newly elected heads of university student councils, institutes and faculties, heads of professional bureaus of educational subdivisions and managers of students’ projects.

Grant holdres of head of the university of the FTI

Олександр Кіреєнко

The student Alexander Kireenko from FTI - a serious person and self-sufficient. This semester was awarded scholarships of the rector NTUU «KPI". Alexander describes himself as a focused , responsible and punctual .



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