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Kyiv Polytechnic

Weekly newspaper “Kiev Politechnic”

The newspaper “Kiev Politechnic” is published since April 21, 1927. Editing:

  • The main editor : V. V. Yankoviy
  • Leading editors : V. M. Ignatovich

Address: 03056, Kyiv – 56, avenue Peremogu, 37, building №1, room №221, Phone : 204-85-95, 99-29

Conference on Computer Modeling in Chemistry, Technologies and Systems for Sustainable Development

2018.08.16-18 МНПК "Комп'ютерне моделювання в хімії, технологіях і системах сталого розвитку – КМХТ-2018"

On May 16-18, 2018, the 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Computer Modeling in Chemistry, Technologies and Systems of Sustainable Development - ChTCTST-2018” was held at the Department of Cybernetics of Chemical-Technological Processes of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technolo

Uniting the studying and practice

Тетяна Іваненко

The vast majority of Kyiv Polytechnic students are seriously preparing for future professional activities.

Interdisciplinarity. Internationalization. International Institute?

Sources of idea. The problem of “human resources vacuum” is clear for the international administrative vertical.

Results of the Olympiad in strategic management

2018.05.16-18 Всеукраїнської студентської олімпіади з дисципліни "Стратегічне управління"

The second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the discipline “Strategic Management” was held on May 16-18, 2018, on the basis of the Department of Management of the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Anniversary conference of the philosophy department

2018.05.31 МНПК "Філософська спадщина П.В.Копніна і сучасна філософія"

This year the Department of Philosophy of the Igor Sikorsky KPI celebrates the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

Following father’s steps

Юрій Онищук

One of the best students of the Faculty of Heat and Power, Yurii Onyshchuk, who receives Igor Kurchatov scholarship this year, is a student of the first year of master program, studying in the field of “Nuclear Power Engineering”, specializing in “Atomic Power Plants”.

Modern problems of scientific provision of energetics

2018.04.24-27 МНПК "Сучасні проблеми наукового забезпечення енергетики"

Igor Sikorsky KPI held the Sixteenth International Scientific and Practical Conference of postgraduates, graduate students, and students on April 24-27, 2018 under this title.

Past meets the future

Зліва  направо Б. Карпенко, С. Сидоренко, Ю. Стребкова

2018 was declared the Year of Cultural Heritage in Europe. It began under the slogan “Our heritage: where the past meets the future”. Its main goal is to attract more people to the discovering and recognition of Europe's cultural achievements.

Polytechnic fellowship – unity of generations

2018.05.20 Виступ Віталія Бойка на семінарі Секції вихованців КПІ у Польщі

In May, another three-day workshop of the KPI Students' Section in Poland was organized. It was organized by its leader Janusz Fuksoyu, a graduate of the Kyiv Polytechnic in 1959, the Honorary Doctor of the Igor Sikorsky KPI.



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