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Scholar of the President of Ukraine from FSP

Альона Гришко

"Who passively waits – in the end receive the expected, but only what is left after those who were playing vigorously," – this credo has defined for herself, Alyona Grishko, the student of the 6th course FSP, scholar of the President of Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of AKIT

2017.12.07 Всеукраїнська науково-практична конференція АКІТ

     At the Department of automation of chemical production CHP 7 December was held the XI all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists "automation and computer integrated technologies". It was attended by both students of KPI them.

Kiev Polytechnics in the program "Seeds for the Future"

2017.12.08 урочистості з нагоди завершення чергового етапу освітнього проекту Huawei

Our present is the beginning of the age of digital technology. And every day we are all closer to a truly digital future. The professions of technical directions become more and more popular, and competition in the IT field is constantly increasing.

Personal shaping championship 2017

2017.12.15 особиста першість з шейпінгу серед студентів КПІ

In order to promote sport and healthy lifestyle a personal shaping primacy among students from the Igor Sikorskiy KPI took place on December 15.

The competition was attended by students FEL, IPSA, ITS, VPI, FIOT, FEA, FBT, FBMI, FMF, TEF, FMM, FPM (31 persons together).

Student Basketball Party!

2017.12.14 змагання з баскетболу серед чоловічих студентських команд вищих навчальних закладів

At the Igor Sikorsky KPI sports complex basketball competitions completed on December 14 among male student teams of universities for the Student Trade Union Association of Kyiv.

Приваблює пізнання законів природи

Олена Носовська

Attracts the knowledge of the laws of nature

We continue to familiarize our readers with the best students of Kyiv Polytechnic, in particular, with nominee scholars. Today, Elena Nosovska, the scholar of the President of Ukraine student CTF tells about his student life.

Student from MMI faculty the best of desktop simulation

Сергій Яцук

In spring, was held the final stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of student's academic affairs on discipline "CAD and Computer Modeling in Mechanical Engineering".

Students Igor Sikorsky KPI at the Belarusian tournament

2017.04.11 Студентський турнір з природничих наук

Student tournament on natural sciences had been passing from April 3 to April 7, 2017 in Minsk (Belarus). It was named STNSD (Student tournament of natural science disciplines).

Congratulations to nominal scholarship holders in 2017

Вітаємо іменних стипендіатів 2017 року

The Igor Sikorsky KPI honored with nominal scholarship holders of the best students because of conscientious study, scientific research and active civic position.

"OSA" invites to communicate. You should not be afraid

2017.11.14 засідання інтелектуального клубу "ОСА"

The guest of the first meeting of the intellectual club "OSA", which took place in the Scientific and Technical Library of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on November 14, was the rector of the University Mikhailo Zgurovsky.



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