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Zorenko Oksana. Way is laying by spring gardens

Фото. Зоренко Оксана Володимирівна

The month of March is magic for many reasons: it begins the calendar spring equalizing night and day, and his 8th day is dedicated to all the beautiful women. To write about a Woman – there is no special reason to write about the Academic – it should be aware of her scientific achievements.

Maslyanko Pavlo Pavlovych. From the teacher-researcher to the research university

Фото. Маслянко Павло Павлович

"Kyiv Polytechnic" continues to acquaint readers with the winners of university competition "Teacher-Researcher 2007". One of them is Pavlo Pavlovych Maslyanko, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Department of FAM and PhD.

Leonid Holovko – a professor-researcher

Головко Леонід Федорович

We keep letting our readers know the winners of all-university competition “Professor-researcher – 2007”. The point at issue is about Leonid Holovko, the professor of Laser Technology and Material Science Department of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr.-Ing.


Dzhigirey Irina - the teacher and the scientist

Photo. Dzhigirey Irina

My interlocutor - Irina Dzhigirey, Ph.D., assistant professor The Department of Cybernetics of Chemical-Engineering Processes ).

Globa Larisa Sergiivna. Business Lady from ESITS

Photo. Globa Larisa Sergiivna

For 6 years the department of information and telecommunication networks, Telecommunication Systems Institute is headed by Larisa Sergiivna Globa - PhD, professor, lecturer and researcher, beautiful, charming woman and, by definition of students, "Mother of information".

Kolobrodov Valentin Georgievich. Biography

Колобродов Валентин Георгиевич

Not so many people can unite the work with the hobby, to lead the collective and focus on the family, to cut the grass in the garden and continuously develop in the specialty, to write the books and train the experts of higher qualification.



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