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Titov Andrey. Promotes Longevity Products

Фото. Titov Andrey

Young scientist Andrey Titov, the student of MMI linked his fate with the Kiev Polytechnic in 1999, when he became a first year student.

Y.V.Kuzminskyy: "I have had good teachers"

Photo. Kuzminskyy Ye.

On October 25 last year, our newspaper published an article entitled "Department ecobiotechnology and bioenergy : inseparability of teaching and research ." The paper discussed the dynamic progress of a group of the youngest departments of our university as the time of existence ( founded in

Kondratuk Vadim Anatolievich. The real KPI-shnik

Кондратюк Вадим Анатольевич

Heat Power Energy Faculty of NTUU "KPI" is known in Ukraine and abroad. Here there are prepared specialists for modern branches of science. The variety of such specialists is very diverse, especially at FHPE. Experienced teachers provide high level of training.

Mohonko Hanna A.

Tatiana Kot. Specialist in IT technologies

Фото. Кот Тетяна

Associate Professor, Department of Information and Telecommunication Systems ESITS Tatyana Kot, who won the university competition "The young teacher-researcher - 2014", works in the Kiev Polytechnic for six years.

Karvatskiy Anton Yanovich

Карвацький Антон Янович

In the 2012 the professor of the chemical, polymeric and silicate machine building department Anton Yanovich Karvatskiy became the winner of the University contest “Teacher-researcher”.

Popov Anton. The Health Research at Faculty of Electronics

Popov Anton

Kiev Polytechnic Institute consists of subsections, without which it is impossible to imagine Technical University engineering and instrumentation, chemical and energy technologies of Radio Engineering and Electronics and more.

Vitchyk Julia Juriivna. Up-to-date Technologies in Industry are of First Importance

Photo. Vitchyk Julia Juriivna

Vitchyk Julia Juriivna. Up-to-date Technologies in Industry are of First Importance
This point of view has the teacher of Institute of Publishing and Printing of NTUU “KPI” Julia Juiriivna, who became the winner of the university contest “Young academic-researcher of 2011”.

Chernega Dmytro Fedorovych. Scientist, educator, personality

Photo. Chernega Dmytro Fedorovych

On the 5th of October, 2012 director of department of physical and chemical metal technology of Kiev National Technical University “Kiev Polytechnic University”, correspondent – member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, veteran of higher school in Ukraine, high achiever of education in

Oleg Klesov. Probably? Naturally!

Фото. Клесов Олег Іванович

Probability theory is the science that puts random phenomena beyond the strict laws. In his work Professor of FFM Oleg Klesov, winner of "Teacher-researcher 2011", chose this one among other branches of mathematics.



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