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The results of the second appraisal of the spring semester 2012/2013 academic year

This academic year, summer examination schedule in our university begins on June 17, 2013, and before summarizing the spring semester we should analyze current student learning outcomes, based on data appraisal. The 12 069 students of the sophomore year and junior year took part in the first and second appraisal of the spring semester 2012/2013 academic year. During the term of apprenticeship between appraisals they were able to significantly improve its performance.

In the first appraisal of the spring semester only 40.3% of students were tested in all subjects, the second appraisal of students was already 45.5%. Very interesting is that this year among appraisal period was almost proportional increase in students with absolute success in all courses. The amount of fully attested students in the second appraisal increased: in the freshman year – by 5.6%, in the sophomore year – by 5.7%, in the junior year – by 4.2%. Most students with high performance are on FL, PPI, ISZZI, VPI, PTI and FBT.

According to a growing number of successful in education students, the amount of students who are not attested of three or more subjects are diminish. Their amount is 1886 persons or 15.6% of the student contingent of 1-3 courses, which is 6.6% less than in the first appraisal. Remarkable is that unlike previous years, the largest amount of students who have problems with the current control is not the freshman year as a sophomore, where the number is 17.2%. In most institutes / faculties from the first to the second spring appraisal the amount of students which are not attested of three or more subjects were decreased. However, unfortunately, there are those students who have never been able to cope with the curriculum – 35 not attested students from all subjects. Indicative amount of students who are not attested of three or more subjects on the results of the both appraisals spring semester. In general such students are 417, which is 3.5% of the total amount of students who participated in the appraisal. In comparison with the previous academic year many units could reduce the amount of such students (most in Teff, HTF, IEE, PPI and FL), and this year FS and VITI have not students who have through non-attested of three or more subjects.

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