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NTUU “KPI” and “Astelit” Ltd. enter into cooperation

2015.12.22 НТУУ «КПІ» і ТОВ «Астеліт» налагоджують співпрацю

NTUU “KPI” and “Astelit” Ltd. that specializes in mobile communication services under «life:) trademark signed the cooperation Memorandum in December, 22.

At the meeting of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI": 07.12.2015

Кампус КПІ. Герб КПІ на в’їзній групі /

The first issue on the agenda was information on the adoption of the rules of admission to the university in 2016. First Vice Rector Yu.I.Yakymenko reported for the first time covered Ph.D. level and last time carried out a set on educational qualification level of higher education - specialist.

Olympiad of mechanotronics in engineering 2015

Команда кафедри прикладної гідроаеромеханіки і механотроніки ММІ - переможниця  олімпіади

In 17-21 of  November, 2015 VII All ­ Ukrainian Olympiad "Mechanotronics in engineering" was held at our university. The competition was attended by representatives of the National Aerospace University, the N. Ye.

Valuable gift from company KraftPowercon

випрямляч Flex Kraft

A world leading power supply manufacturer KraftPowercon is a global company with production facilities in Sweden . This company was made a donation of the department of the technology electrochemical production ( TEHV) HTF the rectifiers Flex Kraft.

Congratulations to the winners of the VIII Olympiad on circuit theory "TEC'2015"!!!

2015.11.19 VIII олімпіада з теорії електронних кіл "ТЕК'2015"

On November 19-th, 2015 the VIII Olympiad on circuit theory was held. It has been organized by the Department of Physical and Biomedical Electronics of the Faculty of Electronics and is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Vitaly Petrovich Sigorsky, a prominent scientist and educator.

Preparation the experts in speciality “Resourceexploitation techlogy”

На фото: Выступает И. Шилович

September 23 on the base of resourceexploitation and cleaner industry and Institute of postdiploma education NTUU “KPI” took place the first meeting of participants of retraining military personal in the course of preparation the expert in speciality “Resourceexploitation techlogy” according

Try to work during education

Андрій Савченко в Інституті  ядерних досліджень (ІЯД) НАН України

Nowadays the problem of job placement by specialty is extremely important; consequently, students begin to think about their future occupations beforehand. That work was both interesting and allowing to engage in scientific research.

The meeting regarding physical and nuclear security training

2015.09.03 Нарада з питань підготовки фахівців з фізичної ядерної безпеки

Meeting that was held in September,3 in NTUU “KPI” was dedicated to the problems of organization of physical and nuclear security training.

The Tenth International Summer School “Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics” has started in KPI

2015.08.04 урочиста церемонія відкриття  Десятої міжнародної Літньої школи «Досягнення та застосування сучасної  інформатики, математики та фізики»

An official opening ceremony on the X International Summer School “Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics (AACIMP)” took place in August, 4, 2015 in the meeting room of Academic Board of NTUU “KPI”.

"KPI-Open 2015" Olympiad: winners decided!

2015.07.03 Олімпіада «KPI-Open 2015»: переможців визначено!

High-profile closing ceremony of winners announcement of the 10th jubilee open international student programming Olympiad named after S.O. Lebedev and V.M. Glushkov “KPI-Open 2015” took place in the Academic Board Hall of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” on July, 3rd.



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