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The graduate of foreign students

2016.02.29 урочистості з нагоди вручення дипломів магістра іноземним громадянам

On the last day of winter celebrations on the occasion of awarding master’s diplomas to foreign nationals, graduates of the Faculty of Management and Marketing and the Department of Sociology and Law "KPI" were held.

Students of KPI are on the First National TV Channel

Майстер-клас з риторики та урбаністики

The beginning of spring some students of KPI met in creative studio "UA: FIRST" or on the First National TV Channel of Ukraine! Master classes in rhetoric and Urban Studies were held by Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy Maryna Petrivna Prepotenska in the program "Public University".

Bologna process implementation at the National technical university of Ukraine "KPI"

хронологія впровадження ідей болонського процессу в НТУУ «КПІ»

Steps of the bologna process implementation at the National technical university of Ukraine "KPI"

Про нашу мову

Про нашу мову

About our language

KPI always characterized by fundamental training

Кампус КПІ. засніжений 1 корпус університету

Implementation of the new Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" raises many questions among students and teachers

The platform for innovative services

Презентація проекту Кампус 2.0

Finalists and winners of the festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2015" among the other began the project "Campus 2.0" - platform for realization innovative services based on the integration of new hardware, software services, digital multimedia content with elements of augmented reality.

The historical experience of Finland to Ukraine

2015.12.11 студентський історичний семінар

December 6, 2015 Republic of Finland celebrated the 98th anniversary of independence. On this occasion, department of history the faculty of Sociology and Law in cooperation with the company "Ukraine-Finland" organized on December 11 and had a history student seminar.

NTUU “KPI” and “Astelit” Ltd. enter into cooperation

2015.12.22 НТУУ «КПІ» і ТОВ «Астеліт» налагоджують співпрацю

NTUU “KPI” and “Astelit” Ltd. that specializes in mobile communication services under «life:) trademark signed the cooperation Memorandum in December, 22.

At the meeting of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI": 07.12.2015

Кампус КПІ. Герб КПІ на в’їзній групі /

The first issue on the agenda was information on the adoption of the rules of admission to the university in 2016. First Vice Rector Yu.I.Yakymenko reported for the first time covered Ph.D. level and last time carried out a set on educational qualification level of higher education - specialist.

Olympiad of mechanotronics in engineering 2015

Команда кафедри прикладної гідроаеромеханіки і механотроніки ММІ - переможниця  олімпіади

In 17-21 of  November, 2015 VII All ­ Ukrainian Olympiad "Mechanotronics in engineering" was held at our university. The competition was attended by representatives of the National Aerospace University, the N. Ye.



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