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Educational TV studio: Practical hydrodynamics

2009. Таланти КПІ. "Забвение". Смоков Євген, РТФ, РА-81, 1 курс

The film tells about the modes of fluid motion, methods of calculating energy losses linear and local resistance. Due to the pressure fluid leaks through the holes, nozzles and weirs.

The first graduation on the joint faculty "European education for engineering"

2009. Перший випуск на спільному факультеті

On April 22, 2009 at NTUU”KPI” took place the first handing of Masters diplomas of Otto-fon-Gerike University (Magdeburg, Germany) to NTUU “KPI” students.

Educational TV studio: Mining

Image. Гірництво

The paramilitary rescue crews deal with the prevention and emergency of accidents, the rescues of miners. The film is about the solving of mine rescue operations using the rescue equipment.

The"copy-paste" - plagiarism!

Кампус КПІ. 7 корпус влітку

In the issue "KP" on September 22, an article "Do we stop copy-paste?" was published. Responding to the invitation to discuss the wording of article, I want to express some thoughts about it.

The concept of educational direction "Biomedical Engineering" in Ukraine | Discussion

Концепція розвитку освітянського напрямку “Біомедична інженерія” в Україні | Дискусія

Biomedical Engineering (nextly BME) - examines and develops technical and artificial biological objects, as well as medical equipment and technology of production and maintenance, quality control and certification for safe use in all areas of biology and medicine, explores their interaction with

The Laboratory of nanomechanics is opened

Кампус КПІ. 2 корпус влітку

November 13 at the department of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems with the support of Ukrainian Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) and the participation of OOO "Lily" was created educational-scientific laboratory of nanomechatronics.

Innovations of polytechnics - monitoring of education quality

1902. Кабінет інспекції студентів

Last semester, the first time the university held the monitoring of the quality of training.

Possible activities for the development of creative abilities of students

Кампус КПІ. 7 корпус взимку

Creativity in engineering is the ability to create different things and products, having features of novelty and uniqueness, usefulness and value, elegance and simplicity.

Teach foreign languages in a modern manner

Кампус КПІ. 1 корпус, коридор -

Finding of effective methods teaching foreign languages are concerned for a long time and scientists, and teachers and students. Public demand and today Ukraine's course towards European integration add new aspects to this problem, including its importance include the following:

Ways to improve the creative components in the educational process

Шляхи пiдвищення творчої компоненти в навчальному процесі

Among the main program tasks is to improve the quality of education "KPI", proclaimed on August 29 this year at the general meeting of teachers of the university rector prof. M. Zgurovsky is the problem of transition from "reproductive" learning to "creative" that is creative.



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