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KPI prominent scientists

Antropov Lev Ivanovich, scientist, teacher, organizer of science. On the 100th anniversary

Photo. Antropov Lev Ivanovich

September 30, 2013 marks 100 years since the birth of Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences , Honored Figure of Science of the USSR , Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Lev Ivanovich Antropov - eminent scientist , a gifted teacher and organizer of science , founder of the world -famous

Lysin Boris Saveliyovych. A life devoted to the science.

Photo. Lysin Boris Saveliyovych

Lysin Borys Savelijovych. The life devoted to science. Dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of the academician.

Aircraft designer Tomashevych: from aeroplanes to rockets

Томашевич Дмитро

Summer of 1923, an event, that caused the great interest of city residents, especially the young, occurred in Kyiv. It was demonstrative aviation exhibition, which was organized by the provincial department of the Society of Aviation and Aeronautics Ukraine and Crimea.

Ivakhnenko Oleksii Grygorovych . To the 100th anniversary of academician

Ivakhnenko Oleksii Grygorovych

On March 30, 2013 it is 100 years since the birth of the famous scientist Oleksii Grygorovych Ivakhnenko (1913-2007) – the doctor of sciences , professor, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of USSR ( 1961 ), academician of Ukraine ( 2003 ).

Eugen Volodymyrovych Oppokov. 75th Execution Day Anniversary

Оппоков Євген Володимирович

Eugen Volodymyrovych Oppokov, the first President of Ukraine Mikhail Sergyovych Hrushevsky’s second cousin, was born on January 21, 1869 in Rude village, Skvirsky district, Kyiv region, in parish church priest Vladimir Yoanykyovych Oppokov’s family (Mikhail Sergyovych Grushevsky’s mother’s cousin

Dmytro Lorentso. A Man Who Was Ahead of His Time

Лоренцо Дмитро

Dmytro Mykolaiovych Lorentso was one of the most outstanding representatives of the engineering elite of the XX century, who determined the face and fate of the cargo rail carriage engineering in the USSR. He had foreseen the perspectives of the development of his field for decades.

Outstanding mathematician Eugene Viktorovskyy

Viktorovskyy Eugene

The second year the chair of mathematical analysis and theory of probability FMF and State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI" conduct joint seminars to devoted distinguished mathematicians who worked in the KPI. Gone seminars to devoted Zmorovych, OS Smohorzhevsky, YD Sokolov.

Pavlovsky Michael Antonovich. The founder of the Ukrainian gyroscope school

Фото. Павловський Михайло Антонович

Michael Antonovich Pavlovsky went down in history of Kiev Polythecnic as the founder of the Ukrainian gyroscope school, an outstanding scientist in the field of mechanics, the founder and first dean of the Faculty of aviation and space systems.

Samofalov Konstantin Grigor'evich

Фото. Самофалов Костянтин Григорович

Konstantin G. Samofalov - a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of technical sciences, professor, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

Yury Vladimirovich Lomonosov is considered to be the creator of the first diesel locomotive.

Ломоносов Юрій Володимирович

From the beginning of human living on Earth there is a need to transfer loads and people by land, water and later air. Nowadays we have a lot of vehicles. They are cars, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, ships, helicopters, planes, space rockets and many others.



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