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The new position - "The teacher-researcher"

Нове звання - “Викладач-дослiдник”

Experience of research universities in the US, Germany and other leading countries shows that the highest quality of training provided by the research type universities, which is inherent in the organic combination of scientific and educational process.

Scientists KPI saved the city and spare the money

Україна. Чорнобиль

On the first day of the accident, when the truth marked "Top Secret" has only received by the highest instance, and only a limited number of scientists to predict the possible consequences of the disaster, the insidious threat was approaching with fragrant warm breeze from the Polesie and aboun

Turkish-Ukrainian high technology seminar

2006.03.17 Турецько-український семінар з високих технологій

12-17 March in Gebze, near Istanbul, was held the first Turkish-Ukrainian high technology scientific seminar , which was initiated and organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey.

Introducing of Energy-saving technologies

Впроваджуються енергозберігаючі технології

The current winter has revealed many problems in the domestic economy that have accumulated over the years.

September 17 - Day of Inventor and Innovator | Teaching polytechnic students scientific and technical work

Лабораторія Ніколи Тесли в Колорадо-Спрінгс

“The Polytechnic Institute is a higher educational institution assigned for the training of engineers, that is, as the name itself indicates, people of genius capable of inventing and arranging a new one.



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