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№ 42269 от 15.02.2012

Modern science makes good use of pseudorandom number generator in various applications from Monte Carlo and Simulation modeling to cryptography. Essentially pseudorandom number generator drawing computers using recursive algorithms.

Naukovi visti NTUU “КPІ”. – 2012. – N 1

Science for Business

2012.02.10 Семінар УНТЦ “Ініціатива «Наука для бізнесу»” в НТУУ «КПІ»

On February 10, 2012 in the hall of the Administrative Council of our University was held a joint roundtable meeting of the Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center (USTC) and NTUU "KPI", dedicated to the beginning of a new USTC program of the U.S.

How can a first-year student become an inventor?

Як першокурснику стати винахідником

The author of a new model of the innovation process, known as "triple helix" (university – business sector – an innovative development of the country), a professor of Stanford University and enterprise research centre of Business school of Edinburgh University, Henry Inkovits, regards the univers

Naukovi visti NTUU “КPІ”. – 2011. – N 6

Opening monuments to famous designers

2011.10.13 Відкрито пам’ятники трьом видатним конструкторам, які навчалися в Київському політехнічному інституті

October 13, the alley of prominent designers and scientists who have studied or worked in the KPI, was supplemented by three monuments.

Notable achievement of our chemists [The first work of Ukrainian chemists, published in the journal Nature]

КПІ - 2011. Новий  світовий рекорд довжини для вуглецевого зв'язку С-С наразі становить 1,704 Ао

A new world record for the length of the carbon bond C-C currently is 1.704 Ao (typically 1,540 Ao). Remarkable is that despite on the record bounding length, synthesized compounds are stable even at elevated temperatures. The result was so unpredictable that it was necessary to undertake specific study causes of anomalous stability and this has led to fundamental discovery.

Inauguration of the Jean Foucault bust

2011.09.06 Урочисте відкриття бюста видатного фізика Жана Фуко

September 6, a bust of the world-famous French physicist and astronomer Jean Bernard Leon Foucault (1819 - 1868) was inaugurated in Scientific and Technical Library NTUU "KPI" of G.I.Denisenko.

Japan and Ukraine - different destinies, shared hopes. Dialogues [Text]

Япония и Украина – разные судьбы, общие надежды. Диалоги [Обложка]

D. Ikeda, M. Zgurovsky Japan and Ukraine - different destinies, shared hopes. Dialogues. - M.: Publishing House "Grad", 2011. - 304 p. ISBN 978-966-97160-1-9

Naukovi visti NTUU “КPІ”. – 2011. – N 3



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