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Is the physics important for the engineer?

Чи може інженер недостатньо знати фізику?

These thoughts are inspired by the new academic year, which is for all of us - those who are working and studying at the famous KPI - the anniversary. In this year we are meeting with the first generation of students born and raised in the independent Ukraine and came into our home university and dream of becoming a truly modern engineers.

Excursion to rarities [Hall works of scientists KPI scientific and technical library im.H.Denysenka]

Видання. Раритети в залі праць вчених КПІ НТБ

KPI - one of the oldest universities in Ukraine. Its 110-year-old age especially clearly demonstrate its architecture first and fourth cases that look like aliens from the past among modern noisy environment.

Research teaching fellow - 2007

The list of the academic teaching staff of the university, who according to the decision of the Academic board of NTUU "KPI" on January 14, 2008, were admitted as the winners in nominations " Research teaching fellow - 2007" and "Young Research teaching fellow -2017 ".

The"copy-paste" - plagiarism!

Кампус КПІ. 7 корпус влітку

In the issue "KP" on September 22, an article "Do we stop copy-paste?" was published. Responding to the invitation to discuss the wording of article, I want to express some thoughts about it.

Naukovi visti NTUU “КPІ”. – 2008. – N 3

Environmental safety of the fuel and energy complex

Екологічна безпека об’єктів паливно-енергетичного комплексу

The humanity are facing today three main particularly acute interrelated problems - provision of food, energy and environmental security.

Thermomolecular energy

Термомолекулярна енергетика

This transformation takes place in the working bodies that absorb the energy of one kind and give it out  in another form.

Technology of life

Бортницька станція аерації /

Recently in the media was proclaimed about biological treatment of water as scientific and technical achievements of the last 150 years, which brought the greatest benefit to people.

A new step in the nanoworld

Електронні знімки (СЕМ) нанокомпозиту ПАНІ / Таун - МД

Miniaturization of modern electronic equipment is truly impressive. Today nanotechnologist are working under creation of electronic circuits elements of about 50 nanometers and are close to the creation of experimental models of individual organic molecules.

In laboratories of scientists. Tubular technology of burning of gaseous fuel

Трубчаста технологія спалювання газоподібного палива

The director of scientific and technological center tells about new technology of use of the highly effective unified tubular technology of burning of gas "Ecotechnology and technology of energy saving", the vice rector for scientific and pedagogical work by G. B. Varlamov.



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