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Tolubinsky Vsevolod Ivanovich

Photo. Tolubinsky Vsevolod Ivanovich

Vsevolod I. Tolubinskogo (27/3/1904, the village Tartak, now Vinnitsa region - 17/04/1988) - Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (elected: 06/10/1964, specialty of Engineering Thermophysics, heat and power), Head of Department of boiler installations (1938-1963); Honored Worker of Science of the USSR (1974); Member of Bureau of the Department of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1964-1968), since 1970 - Member of Bureau of the Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Power Engineering, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1927 he graduated Kiev Polytechnic Institute, in 1929 began teaching here thermodynamics. During 1930-1938 he was the Associate Professor of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1938 he defended his thesis, and then became head of the created by him department of boiler installations.

In 1931-1934 he headed the heat engineering department at the Institute of Industrial Energy Supreme Council of National Economy of the USSR. Since 1938 he was the Head of the Laboratory of heat transfer and thermal modeling (while working at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute). In the evacuation he headed the department of boiler installations Central Asian Industrial Institute (1941-1944). In 1944, Tolubinsky returned to his department at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1957 he created the problem laboratory of heat transfer and gas dynamics, which he directed until 1965. 1963-1972 - Director of the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, from 1965 to 1985 - head of the department of high performance heat transfer and heat exchangers. Thanks to his initiative and efforts there was started at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1964 a training of thermal physics profile. During 1969-1987 he headed the State examination board of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Since 1964 Tolubinsky headed the Scientific Council of the USSR on the Complex Problem "Thermal physics and combined heat and power."

He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, the "Badge of Honor" and medals.
He has written more than 200 scientific works, including 8 monographs and textbooks, 70 of his works were published abroad.


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