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KPI graduates

Flag that survived the war

2017.07.17 Передача прапора

The flag, which Kyiv Polytechnic associates, who have been at war, and have brought it through fire and battles, was presented as a gift for the university.

In memoriam of Maksym Shapoval

Максим Шаповал

Tragic death of Maksym Shapoval has affected the whole Ukraine. But his name became known to his compatriots only upon his death on the 27th of June this year. It couldn’t be the other way – he was absolutely no fan of public life.

Alumni meeting of Management Department 2017

2017.04.01 Зустріч випускників кафедри менеджменту

About 200 graduates of management department gathered at KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky on April 1, 2017.

Anna Kuzminchuk - the KPI graduate, the veteran of ATO, a young mother

Анна Кузьмінчук

I was told about Anna Kuzminchuk by Elena Belyaeva, KPI volunteer coordinator. She told me very briefly, that Anna recently defended her diploma and almost simultaneously gave birth to a son, and also participated in anti-terrorist operation that continues in eastern Ukraine.

Our graduate – is the winner of "Startup Battlefield" in the US

2016.09.30 Поєдинок стартапів

Recently startup project, one of three authors who is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Electronics of the University Bogdan Suchyk 2008, won the world famous "fight Startup" (Startup Battlefield) in the US.

After Maidan. Interview with Dmitry Bulatov

Дмитро Булатов

            On 14th October, Day of Defender Ukraine, Dmitry Bulatov, known public figure, former Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, a ATO veteran , graduate, and now again the student of KPI after Igor Sikorsky, took part in commemoration of Kyiv polytechnics, killed on Maidan and in t

Improves equipment in pharmaceutical and food industry

Костик Сергій Ігорович

Among the young scientists awarded by certificates of NAS Ukraine for achievements in the development of important scientific problems in 2015, the name of Sergey Ihorovych Kostyk - Ph.D., assistant of department biotechnology and engineering FBT is also called.

The inventor of microwave electronics Lev Hasanov

Лев Гасанович Гасанов

Lev  Hasanovych Hasanov was a scientist, professor, head of science and engineering school of microwave electronics. He would have turned 80 years old on April 28, 2016. He passed a bright way of life.

Shtogrina Olena Sergiyvna. Decisions about artificial intelligence

Штогріна Олена Сергіївна

Scientific interests of the assistant to chair of the ITS information and telecommunication networks Olena Sergiyvna Shtogrin, the winner of the university competition "Young Teacher-researcher 2014" are that. Olena Sergiyvna - the pupil of the Kiev polyequipment. In 2007.



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