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Internal Regulations of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


  1. General provisions
  2. The internal rules
  3. Educational process
  4. Procedure of hiring and dismissing of employee
  5. The basic laws of emploees:
  6. The emploees obligations of NTUU «KPI»
  7. Main duties of NTUU «KPI»
  8. Students are entitled to:
  9. Students of NTUU «KPI» are required:
  10. Usage of facilities and maintenance in NTUU «KPI»
  11. Outdoors rules and rules of conduct on the territory of NTUU «KPI»
  12. The incentives for success at work or study
  13. The penalty for violation of discipline

1. General provisions

1.1. The National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (hereinafter - «KPI») labor and training course based on a conscious and conscientious performance of all employees and applicants of higher education and training of its labor obligations and are essential for high-quality work and training. Proper execution of job duties and requirements of the curriculum - the first rule of every team member NTUU «KPI».

1.2. The aim of this Regulation is:

1.2.1. The regulation of internal order in NTUU «KPI».

1.2.2. Definition of hiring and firing workers.

1.2.3. Determination of basic rights and obligations of workers and job seekers of higher education.

1.2.4. Regulation by the application of rewards for success in work and training, disciplinary measures, measures of social influence.

1.3. These rules apply to all employees, job seekers of higher education NTUU «KPI».

1.3.1. Foreign persons temporarily staying in the rooms and on the territory of NTUU «KPI», including tenants, their employees and visitors are obliged to obey the rules in regards rules of conduct on the premises and in the territory of NTUU «KPI» .

1.4. Mode of enterprises, institutions and organizations that rent the premises of the University cannot contradict mode of academic buildings, dormitories and other buildings NTU "PSC", as stated in the lease agreement.

1.5. According to the Constitution of Ukraine citizens of Ukraine have the right to work is guaranteed to receive work pay according to its volume, quality, and not below the state minimum wage, including the right to choose a profession, occupation and work according to vocation skills, training, education, and taking into account the needs of society.

1.6. At NTUU «KPI» labor discipline based on a conscious and conscientious workers performing their job duties and is a prerequisite of effective work and educational process.

1.7. Employment and training course provided by persuasion and encourage hard work and training. To the violators of discipline and disciplinary measures of social influence.

1.8. Prohibited any discrimination in employment and training, including violation of the principle of equal rights and opportunities, direct or indirect restriction of the rights of workers and job seekers of higher education based on race, color, political, religious and other beliefs, sex, tender identity, sexual orientation , ethnic, social and foreign origin, age, health, disability, or suspected presence of HIV / AIDS, family or economic status, family responsibilities, location, membership in the trade union organization or other association of citizens participation in the strike, hit or intend to apply to the courts or other authorities to protect their rights or supporting other workers and seekers of higher education in the protection of their rights, language or other characteristics.

1.9. All matters relating to the application of internal regulations solves the rector or authorized person within the limits of its authority, and in the cases stipulated by law and these Rules, together or in agreement with the trade union of the employees.

2. The internal rules

2.1. Working time and its use

2.1.1. The five-day or six-day working week established by the Rector of NTUU «KPI» in agreement with the trade union of the employees with the specific relevant level of the workforce.

2.1.2. For workers set a five-day working week with two days (Saturday and Sunday) and a six-day working week with one day off (Sunday).

2.1.3. Under current legislation the working hours of employees NTUU «KPI» is 40 hours per week.

2.1.4. Working time teaching staff is 36 hours a week (reduced working hours). Working hours of scientific and pedagogical worker includes the performance of educational, technical, scientific, organizational work and other work duties.

2.1.5. Working hours researcher includes the performance of science, research, consulting, expert, organizational work and other job duties and requirements of the contract.

2.1.6. Working time teaching staff (except trainers) includes the performance of educational, methodical, organizational work and other job duties and requirements of the contract.

2.2. Opening hours

2.2.1. The University established a regime of work for employees working a five day working week:

  • Getting Started: 9.00;
  • A break for rest and food: 13.00-13.45;
  • Completion of work: Monday to Thursday - 18:00, Friday - 16.45.

In some cases, the order of the rector in agreement with the trade union of the employees can be made different mode of employees working a five day working week.

2.2.2. The University established a regime of work for employees working on a six-day working week:

- Getting Started: 9.00;

- A break for rest and meals: 13.00 - 14.00;

- Completion of work: Monday to Friday - 17.00 Saturday - 14.00 (without lunch break).

For educational support, training and production personnel and other employees whose work is related to the educational process, the order of rector in agreement with the trade union of the employees can be set different start and end of work.

2.2.3. At the University are the following mode for teaching staff:

  • Getting Started: 9.00 (during the first couple of sessions beginning is set according to schedule / consultation for the current week);
  • End of 15.00 (during training sessions / consultations -zakinchennya work according to schedule and consultations for the current week).

Beginning at 8:30 of the first pair.

A pair of academic hour is 45 minutes.

Break between pairs is 20 minutes and the break between academic hours

couples - 5 minutes;

- The absence of classes - Beginning and end of work may vary according to the schedule of work of teaching staff, endorsed by the Department (monthly, semester, etc.).

2.2.4. For some employees, which according to the specifics of the unit can be set five- or six-day working week, set a variable work schedule within the weekly working hours. Schedule employees of each department approved by the Rector or the authorized person in agreement with the trade union of the employees.

2.2.5. Employees’ activity, educational process and accommodation of students and unauthorized individuals are additionally regulated in following University departments by corresponding rules:

  • Libraries: terms of library use;
  • Dormitories: terms of internal regulations in students’ dormitories of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, terms of settlement and accommodation in NTUU «KPI» campus dormitories;
  • Coordinator offices, university and science labs, computer labs: safety procedures, labor safety, sanitation, corresponding instructions etc.

2.4. Self-government of NTUU «KPI» activity is regulated by existing legislation, NTUU «KPI» Regulations and terms regarding mentioned self-government.

2.5. Duration of NTUU «KPI» employees’ labor day (except of employees’ reduced labor day) is reduced by one hour a day before holidays.

2.6. According to agreement between employee and NTUU «KPI» authorities part-time working day or part-time working week can be implemented within his hiring or later employment with consequential working process duration determination, its routine and payments determined by worked hours.

Part-time is determined by work schedule, which was coordinated with department executive, chairman of Department of Union Bureau and deputy principal of work direction. Work schedule is preserved in employee’s personal file in Human Resources Department and archive.

2.7. If the employee is absent, principal or authorized person are required to take measures to replace him by another employee.

2.8. Overtime or working on holidays are not admitted.

2.9. Involvement of employees in job within their determined days-off is available in exceptional cases prescribed by the law basing on written order (decree) of principal or authorized person and agreement of trade union committee of employees. According to agreement of employee and employer, work on day-off can be compensated with the help of another day-off appointment or doubled salary.

2.10. For employees of NTUU «KPI» continuously working structural departments, where daily or weekly working hours determined for employees of such category cannot be adhered because of the working conditions, maintenance of working hours’ outcome in accordance to trade union committee of employees can be provided to avoid accounting period exceeding the normal working hours’ duration.

The employees of mentioned category are involved in working process within generally determined days-off and holidays. That hours are included in normal working hours. Days-off are determined by work schedule. Work within holidays and days-off is paid in the amount of single hourly or daily rates over monthly salary (rate). If employee, who works during holiday or day-off, wants, he can be provided with other day-off.

2.11. Before starting work each employee of NTUU «KPI» should note work entering and work leaving in corresponding register.

2.12. Head of department develops and coordinates teaching staff work schedule specifying employee’s working hours according to individual work plan monthly.

2.13. Executive of structural department should organize working hour accounting of subordinate employee.

2.14. Duty of NTUU «KPI» employees at the end of working hours on days-off and holidays may be carried out only in exceptional cases in agreement with trade union of employees. Involvement of employee in duty more than once a month is forbidden.

2.15. In case of staff duty involvement after working hours employee attendance of both normal and non-standard working day, duty day is carried at later time. Duty duration or working hours with duty cannot exceed normal duration of working hours.

2.16. Day-off and holiday duties are compensated by rest (day-off) providing of same duration as duty within next 10 calendar days.

2.17. Order of vacations is determined by working schedules approved by principal or authorized person and in agreement with trade union committee of employees (trade union representative) and all the employees are notified. The schedule of the educational process (manufacturing process), personal interests of employees and possibility of vacation are taken into account within scheduling.


2.18. The specific period of annual vacation should be agreed between the employee and the principal or the authorized person within the established schedule vacations

2.19. The division of the annual vacation for any length may be at the request of the employee, on condition that the continuous main part is not less than 14 calendar days.

2.20. The unused part of annual vacation must be given to the employee, usually to the end of the year, but not later than 12 months after the end of the year, within which vacation is given.

2.21. Full-time vacation abandoning during 2 years is forbidden, also annual vacation abandoning for employees under age and other who are able to take additional vacation because of hazardous working conditions.

2.22. Research and teaching staff are prohibited:

  • changing of timetable and working schedule due to own wish
  • Extending or shortening the length of classes and breaks between them;
  • Assign performance of job duties.

2.23. Employee involvement in work non-provided by employment agreement and students involvement in work, which is not connected with educational process can be done only on condition of their approval or in cases provided by existing legislation.

3. Educational process

3.1 Educational process structuring is accomplished due to regulations of educational process structuring, which can be found through the link

4. Procedure of hiring and dismissing of employee

4.1. NTUU «KPI» employees are hired under employment agreement, contract including competitive base and corresponding existing legislation.

4.2. Upon hiring the employer should ask potential employee for the following documents:

  • service record issued due to determined procedure,
  • passport,
  • military service card or temporary certificate for person, who is liable for military service or certificate of registration to the military recruiting department for person, who is under military age;
  • certificate of education or credentials (diploma, school leaving certificate) for people, who are applying for the job, which requires special skills (copies of mentioned documents are matched by human resources department and archive and preserved in employee’s personal file);
  • health declaration in cases conditioned by existing legislation;

4.3. The employee is not allowed to work without employment agreement issued due to principal’s order and informing central executive department regarding public policy development and implementation of single fee administration for obligatory state social insurance regarding hiring the employee in accordance with procedure determined by ministry of Ukraine.

4.4. People liable for service and recruitees will be accepted for employment only after registration in military commissariat.

4.5. Upon signing the employment agreement information about party, racial, religious and national identity, origin and non-provided by law documents must not be demanded from individual applying for job.

4.6.  The posts of teaching staff replaced in accordance with the law.

4.7. NTUU «KPI» employees are allowed to work part-time according to existing law.

4.8. Applying for job is issued by NTUU «KPI» principal’s order and notified to employees.

4.9. Doing labor books is made in accordance with the Regulations on the operation of labor books in enterprises, institutions and organizations, which are approved by the join order of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Social Protection of Ukraine  29 of  July 1993 N 58.

4.10. Labor books of part-time working person, are led with the main place of work.

4.11. Writing in the workbook information on the work part is made at the request of the employee at the place of work.

4.12. Employees who start to work for the first time; labor book is formed during five days of hiring.

4.13. Work-book for people, who work for hourly wages, is on condition that the work is basic.

4.14. The labor books are kept as documents of strict accountability of NTUU «KPI».

4.15. Responsibility for the organization of accounting, storage and issuing work books assigned to the rector or authorized person.

4.16. During the acceptance or transfer an employee in the prescribed manner to another job, the rector or authorized person must:

  • To explain the worker his rights and obligations and inform on receipt of working conditions, the presence in the workplace, where it will work, dangerous and harmful factors that are not yet resolved, and the consequences of their impact on health, his right to benefits and compensation for work in such conditions, according to the current legislation and the collective agreement;
  • To acquaint the worker with the Charter, internal regulations, collective agreements, anti-corruption program code of honor NTUU «KPI» and Regulations on Intellectual Property Rights, created in NTUU «KPI»;
  • To identify employee workplace, provide him with the necessary means for work;
  • To instruct an employee safety, occupational health, hygiene and fire safety.

4.17. The termination of employment contract is made on the basis stipulated by the law and the contract.

4.18. The termination of employment contract with the employer’s agreement is permitted in cases provided by law and the terms of the contract.

4.19. The Research and teaching staff can be dismissed in accordance with the downsizing or staff usually only at the end of the school year.

4.20. The termination of employment contract is executed by order of the rector.

4.21. During the release the worker should properly arrange the bypass list and deliver it to the personnel department and archives.

4.22. The rector or authorized person must on the day of release to give the employee a properly formed labor book and also make a joint calculation according to the current legislation.

4.23. The day of release is considered to be the last day of working.

5. The basic laws of emploees:

5.1. The employees of NTUU «KPI» have the right for:

5.1.1. For rest, healthy and safe working conditions, for the trade unions and the settlement of collective labor disputes (disputes) in accordance with the law, for having the participate in the management of NTUU «KPI», for   social and pension provision specified by the current legislation, for the right to go to court to resolve labor disputes irrespective of the nature of the job or position and other rights established by the law and the Charter of NTUU «KPI».

5.1.2. For election and being elected to the highest authority of public authorities, the Academic Council of NTUU «KPI» Faculty / Institute.

5.2. The Scientific-pedagogical workers also have the right to:

5.2.1. To academic freedom, realized for the benefit of individuals, society and humanity in general.

5.2.2. To academic mobility for professional activities.

5.2.3. To the protection of professional honor and dignity.

5.2.4. To elect the methods and teaching aids that provides high quality learning process.

5.2.5. To ensure the creation of appropriate conditions, improvement of their skills, recreation and life defined by the applicable law, regulation NTUU «KPI» conditions of individual employment contract and collective bargaining.

5.2.6. Use the library free of charge, information resources, and services, educational, scientific, sporting, cultural and educational units NTUU «KPI» in the manner and on terms determined NTUU «KPI».

5.2.7. To have defense of intellectual property rights.

5.2.8. To have training at least once every five years.

5.2.9. To have personal and other scholarships and awards, established by the state, corporations and individuals.

5.3. The scientists also have the right to:

5.3.1. To adopt a reasoned decision about refusing the participate in research (science and technology) activities, the results of which may violate the rights of Science

Employee or other person, society and also can lead harm to the environment or violate the ethical standards of the scientific community.

5.3.2. To have financial support from the state budget and other sources of funding in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

5.3.3. To have  an objective assessment of their activities and obtaining financial compensation under training, scientific results, quality and complexity of the work, as well as the receipt of revenue or other remuneration from the sale of scientific or technical research (applied) result of the activity.

5.3.4. To conduct research and teaching activities, provide advice, and be an expert in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

5.3.5. To improve their skills.

6. The emploees obligations of NTUU «KPI»

6.1. The employees of NTUU «KPI» must:

6.1.1. To comply with legislation of Ukraine, Statute of NTUU «KPI», The Code of conduct NTUU «KPI», these Rules and other regulations NTUU «KPI».

6.1.2. To take The Anti-Corruption Program of NTUU «KPI» and to take measures to prevent corruption.

6.1.3. To adhere to discipline labor (time to come to work, stick inserted hours of work, using work time to perform job duties, etc.).

6.1.4. To carry out the work stipulated labor agreement (contract) according to job descriptions, regulations, approved in the prescribed manner, owner of qualifying characteristics trades’ workers tariff-qualifying directories work and professions.

6.1.5. To increase productivity, improve work quality, work conscientiously, observe work discipline, use work time for efficient work, timely and accurately fulfill orders (orders) management of NTUU «KPI» and supervisor of the branch.

6.1.6. To perform the requirements on health, safety, hygiene and health, fire safety, provided the relevant rules and regulations.

6.1.7. To keep his workplace, equipment, machinery and equipment in good condition.

6.1.8. To care of the property of NTUU «KPI» economically and efficiently expend energy and inculcate higher education applicant’s respect for public property.

6.1.9. To take immediate measures to eliminate the circumstances that prevents them from performing official duties. Failure to remove these circumstances by himself, immediately bring about the appropriate circumstances to the attention of the head leader.

6.1.10. To take all necessary steps to maintain the credibility of NTUU «KPI» and protect its reputation.

6.1.11. To adhere The Code of conduct of NTUU «KPI» and ethics, morality, respect the honor and dignity of members of labor and seekers of higher education, to instill in them a love for Ukraine, to educate them in the spirit of Ukrainian patriotism and respect for the Constitution of Ukraine and the state symbols of Ukraine.

6.1.12. To avoid the illegal and immoral acts, be disciplined and tidy, observe the rules of conduct and maintain the culture of speech.

6.1.13. To take care of the honor and dignity of workers and job seekers of higher education, and to refrain from actions that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of NTUU «KPI».

6.1.14. To promote the healthy lifestyle among the seekers of higher education.

6.2. Research and teaching staff are also required:

6.2.1. Provide teaching education programs, conduct research activities at a high scientific, theoretical and methodological levels.

6.2.2. Raise professional level, teaching skills and scientific qualifications.

6.2.3. Develop independence, initiative and creativity in students.

6.2.4. Comply with pedagogical ethics.

6.3. Scientists are also required:

6.3.1. Conduct research and (or) scientific and technical (experimental) development according to the signed agreements (contracts).

6.3.2. Represent the results of scientific and technological activities in the form of research reports, publications and more.

6.3.3. Pass the established procedure of certification in compliance position.

6.3.4. Constantly improve the skills.

6.3.5. Follow the ethical standards of the scientific community.

7. Main duties of NTUU «KPI»

7.1. NTUU «KPI» is required:

7.1.1. Provide the necessary organizational and economic conditions for the educational process at educational standards for the effective operation of scientific and pedagogical and other employees of NTUU «KPI» according to their specialty or qualification.

7.1.2. Identify employee’s workplace, provide him\her with the necessary means to work.

7.1.3. Improve the educational process, put into practice the best experience, offers of scientific, pedagogical and other employees, and improving the work of NTUU «KPI».

7.1.4. Pay salaries on time.

7.1.5. Provide employees of NTUU «KPI» with vacations in accordance with applicable laws and vacations’ schedule.

7.1.6. Ensure safety, occupational health and hygiene, fire safety, proper technical equipment for all jobs, create healthy and safe working conditions for employees to perform job duties.

7.1.7. Abide by the terms of current legislation, collective agreement, Charter NTUU «KPI» and these Rules.

7.1.8. Improve the management system, contractual and labor discipline.

7.1.9. Provide conditions of meals for higher education applicants and employees NTUU «KPI».

7.1.10. Provide the protection of material resources of NTUU «KPI» and order in the territory of NTUU «KPI».

8. Students are entitled to:

8.1. Free choice of learning.

8.2. Safe and harmless conditions of training, work and life.

8.3. Career outside the classroom.

8.4. Additional paid vacation in connection with studies on primary employment, shortened working hours and other benefits provided by law for those who combine work and studies.

8.5. Free usage of libraries, information funds, educational, scientific and sporting bases of NTUU «KPI» in the manner and under the conditions specified by NTUU «KPI».

8.6. Free provision of information to study in accessible formats using technologies that appropriate disability due to health reasons (for persons with special needs).

8.7. Using industrial, cultural, educational, residential, recreational bases of NTUU «KPI» in the manner prescribed by the statute of NTUU «KPI» and applicable law.

8.8. Providing of hostel for a period of study in the manner prescribed by applicable law.

8.9. Participation in the research, development work, conferences, symposia, exhibitions, competitions, etc. to present their work for publication.

8.10. Participation in activities of educational, scientific, research, sports, arts, social activities held in Ukraine and abroad, legally established by the law.

8.11. Participating in the discussion and decision on improving the educational process, scientific research, scholarships, leisure, life, healing.

8.12. Participation in civic associations.

8.13. Participation in the activities of public authorities of NTUU «KPI», institutes, faculties, departments, academic council of NTUU «KPI», the student government.

8.14. The choice of subjects to the extent provided by appropriate educational program and curriculum work, to the extent of not less than 25 per cent of ECTS credits stipulated for this level of higher education. Thus students have the right to choose subjects offered by other levels of higher education, in consultation with the head of the relevant faculty or department.

8.15. Studying simultaneously in several educational programs, as well as several higher education institutions, subject to only one higher education on every level for the state (local) budget.

8.16. Academic mobility, including international.

8.17. Social assistance in cases established by current legislation.

8.18. Enrollment of insurance under the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance" periods of study for full-time studies in higher education, postgraduate, doctoral, residency, internship, residency, provided voluntary payment of premiums.

8.19. Accademic leave or break from studying with the preservation of individual rights of the student and resuming of studying due to the procedure established by the central executive authority in the field of education and science.

8.20. Participation in shaping an individual training plan.

8.21. Moral and / or financial incentives for excellence in teaching, research and public work, the artistic and sporting achievements and more.

8.22. Protection against all forms of exploitation, physical and psychological violence.

8.23. Free internships in enterprises, institutions and organizations, and labor when carrying out functions in accordance with the law.

8.24. Vacation leave of at least eight calendar weeks in the educational year.

8.25. Getting targeted preferential government loans for students in the manner determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

8.26. Appeal against actions of the administration of NTUU «KPI» and their officers, teachers and teaching staff.

8.27. Special Education and Rehabilitation support and free access to infrastructure of NTUU «KPI» according to the medical and social indications if disability due to the health reasons.

9.       Students of NTUU «KPI» are required:

9.1. Comply with Charter of NTUU «KPI» Regulations on the organization of the educational process, the internal regulations in dormitories and these Rules, etc.

9.2. Systematically and deeply acquire knowledge and practical skills of the profession, conscientiously work to improve educational, scientific and general level.

9.3. Fulfill the requirements of the curriculum in terms defined schedule of educational process.

9.4. Attend training sessions and control measures envisaged by the schedule of the educational process.

9.5. Inform the dean of the impossibility, because of valid reasons, to attend classes, take (retake) exams, tests and more. When failure to attent lessons or control tests, because of the valid reasons, student shall within 3 days after the submit support properly executed documents.

9.6. Leave classrooms with reasoned requirements for the teacher, if the behavior of student obstruct the training session.

9.7. Always neat and treat the property of NTUU «KPI» (space, furniture, equipment, tools, manuals, books, appliances, etc.).

9.8. Carry out orders and instructions of the rector, vice-rectors, deans, heads of departments, curators and other responsible persons.

10. Usage of facilities and maintenance in NTUU «KPI»

10.1. Premises and territory of NTUU «KPI» are used according to their functionality. The usage of premises and campus according to the functionality assigned to the unit managers according to the orders of the rector.

10.2. Administration provides training facilities of The University to service their proper operation, healthy facilities, territory, property and maintain order in the territories and in premises of NTUU «KPI».

11.     Outdoors rules and rules of conduct on the territory of NTUU «KPI»

11.1. During the stay in the rooms and in the NTUU «KPI» higher education applicants, employees NTUU «KPI» and third parties (tenants and visitors, etc.) should observe the following rules of conduct:

11.1.1. Keeping ethics of business communication, cultural expression, not to allow the use of expressive and / or obscene expressions and gestures, profanity, driving angry rhetoric and more.

11.1.2. Observe hygiene rules and regulations.

11.1.3. Identify respect for personal dignity, its national and religious beliefs and good name of NTUU «KPI», to show mutual goodwill, rigor and respect for people and their cultural, national, religious and historical values.

11.1.4. Do not use personal electronic devices (player, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) that impede training classes (providing educational information and its assimilation applicants higher education) and control measures.

11.1.5. Take a hat, except for women's hats, the premises NTUU «KPI» (except medical conditions or religious beliefs).

11.1.6. Provide accommodation information materials (ads, flyers, etc.) on the premises and in the territory of NTUU «KPI» only with the permission of the responsible person.

11.1.7. Carry on the premises and in the territory of NTUU «KPI» mass meetings and rallies, events entertainment only with the permission of the responsible person.

11.1.8. Coming to NTUU «KPI» on time to class early or work to be ready for work or study.

11.1.9. In order to create the university scientific and business atmosphere in the educational process, compliance with hygiene standards of aesthetic education and culture garment workers and seekers of higher education are encouraged to follow the rules of business communication and business dress code, namely wear clean, fresh, ironed clothes that meet generally accepted standards in society, business style

01.11.10. Take care of the honor and prestige of NTUU «KPI», to prevent illegal and immoral acts, to behave with dignity in the walls of NTUU «KPI» and other public places.

01.11.11. Free travel throughout NTUU «KPI», except in places forbidden to be for security purposes.

11.2. At NTUU «KPI» forbidden:

11.2.1. Conduct any political campaign and call for violation of law or rule of law.

11.2.2. Use physical violence, psychological pressure to cause injuries. Harassment and bullying are unacceptable behaviors.

11.2.3. Bring and / or drink alcohol, drinks containing alcohol (other than medicines), in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other toxic substances, bring, use and distribute drugs, psychotropic substances and smoking blends, perform other actions that the current legislation provides for administrative and / or other legal responsibility.

11.2.4. Smoking in rooms and on the territory of NTUU «KPI», including hookah, electronic cigarettes and so on.

11.2.5. Bring explosive, flammable and toxic substances, firearms, pneumatic, gas and cold arms and other things that are dangerous to others.

11.2.6. Gaff.

11.2.7. Move furniture, equipment and other tangible assets, to make inventory of laboratories, training and other facilities without management NTUU «KPI»

11.2.8. Spoil property NTUU «KPI» or use it for other purposes.

11.2.9. Apply on walls, tables and / or other places in the premises and in the territory of any signs and / or pictures without permission of the responsible person.

11.02.10. Move indoors NTUU «KPI» on scooters, bicycles, roller skates, boards and / or similar means.

11.02.11. Obscure passages interfere with traffic.

11.02.12. Scream, make noise, play musical instruments, use reproducing apparatus of disturbing the peace and obstructing the implementation of the educational process.

12. The incentives for success at work or study

12.1. Employees for exemplary performance of their duties, lasting and flawless performance, innovation in work and for other achievements in the promotion of the following may apply:

  • Thanks,
  • Awarding the diploma;
  • Bonuses.

12.2. For achieving good results in professional activity may be submitted to the awarding of state awards, honorary titles, state prizes celebration, signs, letters and other kinds of moral and material incentives.

12.3. Employees who successfully and conscientiously perform their work duties, provided primarily benefits and social benefits, as well as the advantage in the promotion.

12.4. For achieving good results in education, research work, sport or active participation in public life NTUU «KPI» candidates to higher education in NTUU «KPI» can be applied such encouragement:

  • Thanks,
  • Bonuses;
  • Awarding the diploma;
  • Rewarding valuable gift;
  • Awarding scholarships;
  • Providing preferential permits to rest.

12.5. In the Collective agreement may provide for other types of incentives to employees and applicants of higher education.

12.6. Promotion announced by order of the Rector and communicated to the staff of NTUU «KPI» or the appropriate department of NTUU «KPI» and enters the workbook or employee personal file of the applicant higher education.

13. The penalty for violation of discipline

13.1. For violation of labor discipline an employee may be applied one of the following penalties:

  • Reprimand;
  • Release.

13.2. Dismissal as a disciplinary punishment may be applied in accordance with Art. 40, p. 41 of the Labor Code of Ukraine.

13.3. Disciplinary sanctions apply rector.

13.4. Workers elected to the trade union bodies and not exempt from industrial activity, may not be subjected to disciplinary action without the prior consent of the members of which are the fault; leaders of the trade union in units of NTUU «KPI» - without the prior consent of the trade union body NTUU «KPI». Disciplinary penalties rector or authorized person shall require the violator of labor discipline written explanations. In case of refusal of the employee to provide written explanations is the act.

13.5. Disciplinary sanctions are applied immediately after detection Rector offense, but no later than one month after its discovery, time excluding dismissal from work due to temporary disability or stay at his vacation.

13.6. Disciplinary penalties can be imposed within six months from the date of commission of the offense.

13.7. For each violation of labor discipline imposed only one disciplinary penalty.

13.8. Disciplinary penalties announced in the order (order) and rector informed the employee a receipt within 3 days.

13.9. If within one year from the date of imposition of a disciplinary sanction the employee will not be subjected to another disciplinary action, he is deemed to have had no disciplinary action.

13.10. If an employee did not allow a new violation of labor discipline and also distinguished himself as a conscientious worker, the penalty may be withdrawn before the end of one year. During the term of disciplinary action to employee incentives do not apply.

13.11. Rector has the right instead of imposing a disciplinary sanction the matter of violation of labor discipline to the labor collective or its agency.

13.12. Violation of these Rules to competitors of higher education may apply the measures of social influence - remarks on the inadmissibility of violation of the Rules or one of the penalties:

  • Reprimand;
  • Contributions.

13.13. When choosing penalties take into account the severity of the offense, the causes and the circumstances in which it was committed, the previous behavior of the offender, his psychophysical and emotional state at the time of the commission of the offense and other essential circumstances.

13.14. A student be deducted from university in according with the statute book and with the agreement of student’s government and the trade union committee if they are union members.

13.15. Deduction a student out of university is realized by order of the rector. Information about deduction is recorded in the personal file of a student.

13.16. Out of disciplinary action rector or authorized person must demand a written explanation from the offender. In case the offender refuses to submit a written explanation, the university administration draw up a statement of fact.

13.17. Disciplinary action is applied by rector upon the recommendation of line manager of the structural unit immediately after detecting a violation but not later than one month after its discovery in spite of the time offender’s illness or being on vacation. Disciplinary action can not be imposed later than six months from the date of violation commission.

13.18. Disciplinary action is announced in the rector’s order (disposal) and offender gets it against written acknowledgement. Information about disciplinary action is recorded in the student’s personal file.

13.19. If within one year from the date of disciplinary action to the student will not apply new disciplinary punishment, he is deemed a student that has no disciplinary action.

13.20. If the student did not allow new violation of discipline and perform his duties conscientiously disciplinary action may be withdrawn before the end of one year.

13.21. During the term of disciplinary action measures to encourage the student do not apply.

13.22. If the offender is a member of the union rector has a right to assign a task about misconduct to student government and the trade union committee of students instead of imposing disciplinary action.


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