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Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Кампус КПІ. 1 корпус, весна

Dean: professor Bobyr Mykola Ivanovych
Address: Building No. 1, 238а
Telephone: 204-94-63
PD in IME: 204-94-58
e-mail: mmi[at]


Logo IMEThe Institute prepares specialists for machine engineering complex, who are able to create advanced technological processes, to construct technological complexes, operate and explore it on the basis of computer systems design, of information processing and logistical management, to perform international patent licensing activity, product certification and system quality, to take effective economically sound technical decisions by means of mathematical modeling and computer synthesis.

The alumni work at research and development institutes, at manufacturing enterprises of machine-building, electronic, aerospace and other fields of national economy being on the leading positions.

The terms of full time study are: Bachelor Degree (BD) – 4 years; Specialist Degree (SD)– 1,5 years; Master Degree (MD) – 2 years.

Students can apply for Bachelor Degree mentioning a desirable qualification and for Master Degree. After getting completed academic course of profound general education (baccalaureate – 4 years) the alumni will be accepted on a competitive basis for Master Degree (2 years of study) to get their diploma of completed higher education. Excellent students can continue their studying being accepted for Post Graduate Course to get a scientific degree.

The list of specialties, which announced admit students at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Educationally - qualifying levels - bachelor

knowledge section specialty specialization
code Name code Name Name
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Dynamics and strength of machines
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Mechanical engineering
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Equipment and technologies of plastic forming of engineering structures
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Laser technology and the processes of physical and technical material processing
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Information systems and technologies in mechanical engineering
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Hydraulic and pneumatic machines and drive systems
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Mechatronic system engineering
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics Equipment and technology of nanostructured and composite materials products
13 mechanical Engineering 131 applied mechanics The technology of manufacture of parts and assembly of aircraft components
13 mechanical Engineering 133 Engineering industry Instrumentation systems and technologies shaping parts
13 mechanical Engineering 133 Engineering industry Metal-cutting machines and systems

Institute of mechanical engineering (till 1999 — mechanical engineering department) was founded in 1898 as a part of KPI and named mechanical department. Mechanical department had been preparing multidiscipline engineers-mechanics: of metal working, foundry, steam engines mechanics, mechanics of locomotives, internal combustion engines, fiber processing machines, agricultural machines, and also electric generators and electric motors.

The first head of the Department of Resistibility of Materials was outstanding scientist-mechanic, professor Victor Lvovych Kyrpychov. The first dean of the Mechanical Department was famous scientist in the field of metal-cutting Konstantyn Oleksandrovych Zvorykin, who was the head of Mechanical Technologies Department that time.

Experienced teachers, outstanding specialists and scientists were involved in the work at the department, among them: V.P. Ermakov, S.P. Tymoshenko, O.P. Kotelnikov, D.P. Ruzskyi, O.O. Radtsig, O.U. Stupin, O.M. Dynnyk, E.O. Paton, K.K. Syminsky, K.G. Shyndler, P.F. Erchenko, M.I. Konovalov, architecture academician O.V. Kobelev and others. Scientific schools of hardness, resistibility of materials, hydraulics, cutting theory, theoretical mechanics and others, that were founded in the beginning of XX century, had been giving results, becoming more profound and developed for many years by virtue of creation of new scientific directions by such professors as: acad. F.P. Beliankyn, акад. S.V. Serensen, acad. G.S. Pysarenko, M.S. Mozharovsky, acad. G.Y. Sychomel, S.S. Rudnik, acad. M.O. Kilchevsky, Y.M. Makarevych, S.A. Kartavov, corresponding member of The Academy of Science of Ukraine I.Y. Shtaerman and others. World-famous scientists and aircraft designers are the alumni of this department: I.I. Sikorsky, A.M. Lulka, S.P. Korolev.

Nowadays MMI is one of the biggest research and educational division at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, which includes 8 specialized departments and sectoral research laboratory, two research educational laboratories, certification body of metal-working, woodworking machinery, of machine-building production and quality systems, scientific test center “Reliability”. There are three Specialized Boards of Certification of Dissertation on the receipt of scientific degree of candidate, doctor of engineering sciences at the department. In 2002 on the basis of IME, Welding and Physical-Engineering Departments The United Ukrainian-German Department of Machine-Building of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, that prepares professionals of all machine-building specialties, was founded.


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