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Faculty of Aerospace Systems

Кампус КПІ, корпус 28

Dean: Professor Oleksandr Vasyliovych Zbrutsky
Address: room 212, build.28, Botkina st.
Тelephones: 204-82-24, 204-96-65
e-mail: faks[at]


Logotype FAKS FAKS, one of the youngest university faculties was created to meet the needs of Ukraine as a sovereign aeronautic and space country according to the University Council resolution in May, 1993. p>

The initiator and the founder of the faculty was the National Space Agency of Ukraine represented by its General director - academician V.P. Horbulin. One of the founders and the first FASS dean was professor Mihaylo Antonovych Pavlovsky, Doctor of Engineering Science.

So till its centenary university had revived aircraft development traditions, which were started in the early XX century by professor M.B.Delone at the uUniversity Department of Theoretical Mechanics; by aircraft designer І.І.Sikorsky and spacecraft designer S.P.Korolyov> – all of them were students of Mechanical Faculty.

The faculty includes four departments, three research institutes, one scientific center and a department of pre-university study.

Department of Aircraft Control Devices and Systems (specialties “Planes and helicopters” and “Aircraft control systems”) prepares professionals in designing, planning, researching and exploitation of control systems for moving objects, designing and production of space and aeronautic machinery. Department specialists make scientific researches and design projects for different aviation and space purposes: inertial sensors, navigational instruments and systems, aircraft control systems; ultralight aircraft and drones. There are student design offices in the Department – of small aircraft and airborne equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles. There was also created a science school of modern avionics.

Department of Experimental Research Automation (specialty “Informational-control systems”) prepares IT-specialists in programming, computers and information control technologies for design and exploitation of computer control systems, scientific researches and complex testing of complicated objects. Department specialists deal with computerization of science and technical experiments, computer testing systems and research systems for new machinery and technologies, computer control and diagnosis of complex technical systems, computer systems for observation, prognostication and modeling of technical, biological and nature objects.

Department of Information and Measurement Devices (specialty “Metrology and Measurement Technologies”) prepares specialists for work in experimental informatics field (measurement, control, diagnosis, testing). Department specialists deal with Internet-measurement technologies, informational and Internet technologies in scientific researches and in education, virtual devices, systems and laboratories; different products certification; computer measurement systems and expert systems of control, monitoring, prognostication, diagnosis.

Faculty graduates deal with organization and management, researching, manufactures, technology, design and planning in scientific and design organizations, industrial enterprises, in banks and commercial establishments, in aviation, shipbuilding, instrumentation, engineering, electronics and other related fields, and also in different economy sectors automation.

Faculty graduates work as engineers-researchers, engineers-fixers, testers of electronic, computer and automatic equipment, also as electronic and computer specialists; as specialists in computerized control systems, data processing and programming, information security, design and exploitation of computer measurement systems, scientific researches and complex testing; as computer networks administrators; as project managers.

Terms of study: Bachelor’s degree program (BD) – 4 years; Specialist’s degree program (SD) – 1.5 years; Master’s Degree program (MD) – 2 years. (standard term of study on bachelor’s program and on master’s program)

Applicants may apply for the Bachelor’s degree program specifying desirable specialty of the Master’s degree program. After obtaining Bachelor’s degree the applicants may enter Master’s or Specialists’ degree program on a competitive basis. Academic rights of the graduates of Master’s or Specialists’ degree programs include possibility to enter post-graduate study program in order to obtain academic degree of Candidate of Sciences (PhD).

Directions and specialties of study at FAKS of IGOR SIKORSKY KYIV POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE

  • 6.051001 Metrology, Information and Measurement Technologies
    • 7.05100101 / 8.05100101 Metrology and Measurement Technology
    • 7.05100102 / 8.05100102 Information and Measurement Systems
  • 6.051101 Aircraft and Rocket Construction
    • 7.05110101 / 8.05110101 Aircrafts and Helicopters
  • 6.051103 Avionics
    • 7.05110302 / 8.05110302 Aircraft Control Systems

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