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3D-printer by school students

2017.04.14 презентація створеного школярами 3D-принтера

In April, 14 at the department of integrated technologies of Mechanical Engineering Institute of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute there was a presentation of 3D printer made by school students.

School students of Educational and training complex № 141 "Educational resources and technological training" of Kyiv city under the guidance of head of department of integrated technologies, professor Vitalii Pasichnyk and assistant of this department Dmytro Dzhulii developed and assembled printer. 

Deputy of Kyiv Council of 7th convocation Oles Maliarevych and entrepreneur and sponsor Valerii Borovych provided sponsor support to the projects. Certainly this work wouldn't have been possible if it hadn’t been the facilitation of principal of the school complex № 141 Yurii Kinkov.

School students of ETC № 141 "ERTT" Artem Dihtiar, Pylyp Zhuk, Vladyslav Atamanchuk and Artem Pinchuk have been working over the project for one year. The graduate of this educational establishment and now a first year student of Mechanical and Engineering Institute of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute Olena Keasnova headed the team of designers. With the help of SolidWorks software, young designers created three dimensional models of 3D printer parts, own design, they bought component parts, wrote all programs necessary for printer operation, and performed calibration. Eventually, they had 3D printer "KORT 1" made and it is able to print with the help of two types of plastic at the same time providing the printing of complex models. It's net cost doesn't exceed 17,5 thousand hryvnas, meanwhile the price of the same devices for example of USA production is 2-2,5 thousand dollars. However, the most important thing is that school students have overcome the whole process of its creation starting from designing to production and setting and gained all that knowledge and skills that will be of great service for them. And as we can see they have already chosen their future profession.

"When a person can do something with their hands it is great. When a person can work with a head this is even better, Vitalii Pasichnyk stated finishing with the presentation. And when you see such abilities in young, talented people, we can believe that we have future".

The photo of young designers demonstrating their 3D printer 


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