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Skulysh Mariia: Woman and scientific research

Скулиш Марія Анатоліївна

Institute of Telecommunication Systems -  is one of the largest research centers of the University. Its representatives - both students and teachers - repeatedly became winners of competitions and all kinds of competitions and were awarded professional awards. In particular, this year's scholarship Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine became Ph.D., senior researcher, doctoral student information and telecommunication networks Mariia Skulysh. She kindly told about herself.

-  How do you accepted the award of scholarships?

- Scholarship Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists was a pleasant surprise for me. Although, it should be noted, my colleagues in the department repeatedly became winners of the nationwide competition. Associate Professor M. U. Ternoviy, M.O.Aleksyeyev, R.L.Novohrudska in different years were awarded scholarships Cabinet for young scientists, so the act of preparing documents was easy for me.

- What are the key research areas of the department, tell us more about that.

- Research Department information and telecommunication networks Telecommunication Institute is closely associated with relevant today scientific and practical areas as the development of information systems and software for telecommunication networks. Telecommunication networks of the new generation -  is a network where you can only think about how to improve the system-theme, as it has already updated according to your wish. This approach is implemented in developing methods and models for telecommunication networks of new generation. The secret is that the network is 90 percent dependent on software, serviced standard technical elements. The software is developed in such a way that telecommunications are flexible to the reconfiguration of the network and the introduction of new functional elements. The principle of "It is as easy as pie to build castles in the sky" fully will work when the program managed networks will become widely spread.

- What results programmatically create managed networks can already say?

- Our research results were presented by head of prof. L.S.Hloba at most international, national and international conferences, including BlackSeaCom, UkrMiKo, ACS and others, And received recognition of the international scientific community. The relevance of scientific direction is of considerable interest because many students are involved in research work as part of their bachelor's, master's works, as well as continue his scientific work in postgraduate department.

- What are the plans for the near future?

- In the near future - complete the doctorate within which to develop a methodology for quality management processes in computer networks operator.

- Whether there is a promising young researcher in the leisure and hobbies "for the soul"?

- Free time from work I devote to me, my house and children, I have three. The work of the scientist is continuous, we can not be distracted and lose line of scientific ideas. Scientific thought - this is like a straw house, while not strengthen, not reinforce by proven results, it may be destroyed. So when I have an inspiration even dealing with children, somewhere in the subconscious I think over details of my work.

At the end of the story we want to congratulate and wish the implementation of your plans.


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