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Famous Polish graduates of the Kiev Polytechnic: Stanislav Kanevsky

Stanislav Kanevsky was born in 1881, graduated from the Mechanical department of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. During the study he participated in the activities of the Polish organizations: student’s corporation of KPI and also fraternal assistance at KPI.

After receiving diploma of engineer he became an assistant and then lecturer at KPI, he lectured on electrical engineering. In the 1911-18 worked as a designer and head of the department of electrical machines in the firm "Vestynhhous" (later "Dinamo") in Moscow and "Volta" in Revil (Tallinn), Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then he worked again at KPI, was an adviser of Russian companies on electrification plans for Ukraine. In 1919 he moved to Lviv, where he worked on a project of power plant in Borislav. A year later settled in Warsaw and became director of the power plant in Mokotov. Later he worked in the Bank for the electrification of Poland and in the Ministry of Public Works. At the same time he taught electrical engineering at Warsaw Politechnica and at State Higher School of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Since 1923 he worked as an assistant director of JSC "ELEKTRICAL FACTORY Brown Bovery" in Warsaw, from 1930 - director of the Lviv department of this company. In the 1932-35 at Administration of Silesian in Katowice he engaged in electrification of coal basin. Since 1936 he led Radomsko Kielecki-union of power plants. At that time he worked a lot on electrification of Polish lands, took part in building the country's first line voltage of 150 kW Mostytse - Starachowice - Warsaw, at first-appointed with appliances of carrier telephony. At the same time he participated in the work of many energetic organizations in the country as a board member, advisor or consultant-expert. After the liberation of Poland from 1945 he worked at the power plant in Lodz. In 1946 became a teacher, then a professor at Gdansk University of Technology. He taught a course about electric cars, organized cooperation between school and industry, and passed his experience to young professionals. After retirement in 1960 he kept some contact with the university. As a public figure was involved in the management of many professional organizations, especially in the Association of Polish electricians, worked in committees and commissions, published articles, gave speeches and participated in international conferences of electricians. He was a member of Polish and international scientific organizations. He died in 1967 in Gdansk.


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