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Temporary regulations on the organization of educational process in the NTUU "KPI": 11. Institute of the curator

The curator in NTUU "KPI" is one of the main forms of participation of scientific and pedagogical employees of university in teaching and educational work with students. The curator intended for providing full assistance to students of university at adaptation to new conditions of training, increasing the level of their social consciousness,  increasing the interest in knowledge acquisition, professional and scientific work.

The scientific and pedagogical worker enjoying authority can be the curator of the academic group, differs in high moral qualities, possesses big pedagogical skill and organizing abilities and can provide positive educational impact on students.

The order of appointment, the organization of work, forms of the reporting of the curator, and also his additional duties and the rights are defined by the Situation about the curator in NTUU "KPI" approved by the order of the rector.

11.1. Rights of curators

 The curator of the academic group has the right:

  • independently  choose forms, methods and pedagogical working methods with students within the current legislation;
  • in common with a student's asset  define time and a venue of classroom and out-of- class educational actions;
  • to receive in dean's office, at the department, in a human resources department information concerning the academic progress and a subject matter of students of the academic group. To participate in development and the approval of the individual curriculum of the student;
  • to participate in discussion and to propose on the questions concerning students of the academic group (purpose of grants, encouragement for progress in study, scientific, sports, cultural and mass work, granting a place in the hostel, imposing of collecting for violation of a subject matter, public order, etc.);
  • if necessary to attend studies of students in which he is engaged, to be present at elimination of the academic debt by the student at a meeting of the commission;
  • to address to the manager of chair with suggestions for improvement of educational work and improvement of conditions of training and life of students;
  • to express on behalf of chair gratitude to parents for excellent study and education of children;
  • to initiate consideration of questions in the direction of the activity at faculty meeting.

11.2. Duties of the curator

  The curator of the academic group is obliged:

  • keep  "The log of the curator" (in any form) in which to fix data on students of the academic group, their success, labor discipline, participation in public life, and also the plan of educational work of the academic group and the course of its performance;
  • constantly to organize and carry out monitoring of quality of training and discipline of students and to support communications with scientific and pedagogical workers, give classes in the academic groups;
  • systematically  report about results of quality of training of the academic group and discipline of students at faculty meetings;
  • to inform the head of the department about facts of violation by students of regulations of NTTU "KPI" and Regulations in dormitories of  NTUU "KPI";
  • to participate at  meetings of the commissions on prevention of offenses among the persons who study in NTUU "KPI" if the facts of misconduct by students of the ward of the academic group are considered;
  • if necessary to inform parents and heads of the enterprises, establishments, the organizations who pay for training, about quality of training and discipline (behavior) of students;
  • to carry out individual work with students of the academic group and to provide advice in the solution of educational and vital problems.

The temporary provision on the organization of educational process in NTUU "KPI" [Text] / Sost.: V.P. Golovenkin (section: 1-8, 10, 12), S. V. Melnichenko (section: 9, 11);  by a general edition of Y.I.Yakimenko. - M.: NTUU "KPI", 2015. - 102 p.-


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