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Kyiv Polytechnic

Remember great predecessors. For the 120th anniversary of Igor Sikorsky KPI (S.O. Lebedev, P.A. Tutkovsky)

1929 рік. Добудова хімічного корпусу КПІ

On the left, the bust of four Ukrainian scientists. Among them are a bust of the academician of the USSR, Creator of the first in continental Europe computer Sergiy Oleksievych Lebedev. Following the bust commemorates the first Ukrainian doctor of Geology, Professor, one of 12 first academicians of Ukrainian Academy of Science, academician of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences Pavel Apollonovich Tutkovsky.

Mechanotronics in mechanical engineering 2017

2017.11.23-26 Всеукраїнська студентська олімпіада "Механотроніка в машинобудуванні - 2017"

The Department of Applied Hydroaeromechanics and Mechatronics has been already conducting the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad "Mechanical Engineering in Mechanical Engineering" for nine years.

Приваблює пізнання законів природи

Олена Носовська

Attracts the knowledge of the laws of nature

We continue to familiarize our readers with the best students of Kyiv Polytechnic, in particular, with nominee scholars. Today, Elena Nosovska, the scholar of the President of Ukraine student CTF tells about his student life.

Energy-efficient heat supply system of buildings

Академік НАН України А.А.Халатов і аспірант О.С.Ступак

The issue of energy efficiency and energy saving is particularly pressing for Ukrainians, especially in heating and air conditioning systems.

Visit of Alsalam Aerospace Industries executives

2017.12.21 Візит керівників компанії «Alsalam Aerospace Industries»

On December, 21 Igor Sikorsky KPI was visited by delegation of the company "Alsalam Aerospace Industries" (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Open Day December 2017

2017.12.16 День відкритих дверей

December 16 at the Igor Sikorsky KPI an Open Day took place.

Dear friends! Dear colleagues! I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the New Year of 2018 and Merry Christmas!

З Новим 2018 роком і Різдвом Христовим!

Dear friends! Dear colleagues! I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the New Year of 2018 and Merry Christmas! I wish you happiness, family warmth, inspiration and success in your work! And our country - the peace...

Melody of bells

Монета на честь автора "Щедрика" Миколи Леонтовича

Before the New Year's holidays each year the whole world is sung by Carol of the Bells - the famous Christmas melody, known in the musical culture of the western countries as "The Carol of the Bells".

“The Song” which is worth…reading

Перше видання Різдвяної пісні, 1843 р.

New Year's and Christmas holidays give us a rare opportunity not only to have a rest in the circle of relatives and friends, but also to devote time for reading in peace and quiet.

Slightly feuilleton: about an extreme article, journalists and non-achiever

The narrative. On the 8th of November, Svoboda Radio published a serious article on its website entitled as ‘Ukrainian language and splitting moral hairs in ‘Igor Sikorsky KPI’.



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