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Kyiv Polytechnic

The way to Knowledge society

The way to Knowledge society

A Knowledge society (the K-Society), was widely used term.

Electronic brain "RAY". The Story of one exhibit


A large number of unique exhibits, such as models of equipment, representing almost all the technical area, were collected at the State Polytechnic Museum at NTUU "KPI”. Many of them are of the age of more than a dozen years.

The exhibition of miniatures

Микола Сергійович Сядристий – Народний художник України, майстер мікромініатюри.

Famous master of miniatures Nikolai Sergeyevich Syadristy was born in 1937 in the village Kolisnykivka in Kharkivshchyna.

Famous Polish graduates of the Kiev Polytechnic: Jan Graff

Jan Graff was born in 1885. In 1914 he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of KPI. From 1919 in Poland he took part in the construction of the railway Vydzev - Zgierz and Zgierz - Lenchyka.

Famous Polish graduates of the Kiev Polytechnic: Stanislav Kanevsky

Stanislav Kanevsky was born in 1881, graduated from the Mechanical department of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. During the study he participated in the activities of the Polish organizations: student’s corporation of KPI and also fraternal assistance at KPI.

Famous Polish graduates of the Kiev Polytechnic: Alexander Dobzhansky

Alexander Zygmunt Dobzhansky was born in Volyn in the village Zazyvav in 1891. In 1909 he entered the KPI, where in 1914 became a junior assistant at the Faculty of Chemistry, and in 1917 received a diploma of engineer chemist.

Famous Polish graduates of the Kiev Polytechnic: Ian Hirtler

Ian Hirtler was born in 1879 in the town.Lukow. He graduated from grammar school in Siedlce, studied at the Warsaw Polytechnic Institute, and after the break due to the student strike moved to Kyiv, where in 1907 he graduated from KPI, receiving a diploma of engineering and technology.

Meeting after 40 years

Уткур Гадайбаєв

December 22 to our editor’s office came gray-haired man. He was friendly smiling, he introduced us as a former student of KPI Utkur Hadaybayev. 40 years have been passed since the end of the university, and on this day his classmates meet to mark this anniversary date.

Department of Physical Chemistry - 105 years at the forefront of progress

1903. Сторінки альбому: професори хімічного відділення

The department of physical chemistry of the KPI was established 105 years ago. As science and university subject physical chemistry was just born then, and was the first such department in the Russian Empire. Not only the name but also the themes of the department seemed unusual then.

Possible activities for the development of creative abilities of students

Кампус КПІ. 7 корпус взимку

Creativity in engineering is the ability to create different things and products, having features of novelty and uniqueness, usefulness and value, elegance and simplicity.



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