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Kyiv Polytechnic

Once, at this place ...

КПІ - 1890-ті. Територія КПІ до побудови інституту (Шулявка, саперний табір)

Everything flows, everything changes, everything has a beginning and has its end. All that we see now that ever was and ever will disappear. And the people who live and work with us, ever was, and ever will be. And we will desepear ...

Kyrpychov Victor L. - Scientist, educator, organizer of the higher technical education

Кирпичов Віктор Львович

V.L. Kyrpychov was born in 1845 in St. Petersburg in the family of the mathematician in the military school. He graduated from Polotsk Cadet Corps, then Mikhailovsky Artillery School, served two years in the fortress of Kronstadt artillery.

Gerashchenko Oleg Arkadiyovych. The founder of Ukrainian heat measurement school

Фото. Геращенко Олег Аркадійович

Commemoration meeting devoted to 80th anniversary of outstanding thermophysical instrument engineering scientist, founder of Ukrainian heat measurement school Oleg Arkadiyovych Gerashchenko was held on September 27th in House of Scientists. It was arranged by the Institute of Physics of the NAS of Ukraine and State Polytechnic museum of NTUU “KPI”.

Ways to improve the creative components in the educational process

Шляхи пiдвищення творчої компоненти в навчальному процесі

Among the main program tasks is to improve the quality of education "KPI", proclaimed on August 29 this year at the general meeting of teachers of the university rector prof. M. Zgurovsky is the problem of transition from "reproductive" learning to "creative" that is creative.

Quality of education - a step towards European integration

Кампус КПІ, Корпус 35, 1903

Quality education is one of the main conditions, mobility, compatibility and attractiveness of higher education in any country, the main component of the prestige of higher education institutions (HEIs).

October 1 - Veterans Day. They are developing the KPI

Кампус КПІ. 1 корпус, 1954 /

Meeting Veterans Day, I would like to emphasize the great significance work contribution of each KPI veterans to the establishment of the university. Without the dedication work of these people postwar reconstruction of KPI and further development would be impossible.

From the Nobel Prize to the Abel Prize –a journey to N. H. Abel’s century

Н.Х.Абель (Niels Henrik Abel)

About two centuries ago the French Academy of Sciences initiated competitions aimed at solving actual scientific challenges with great cash awards for winners. In 1731 The Royal Society (London) created the first scientific award - the Copley Medal.

1964-1969: They mastered the virgin soil

Проводи студентів / Казахстан, цілина

Distant summer 1964. The railway junction Canas was overcrowded. The music, the crowd of guys with suitcases and backpacks, pronounced parting speech and wishes. Organizers once again compare their lists of departing, giving presents, specially bought for ceremonial farewell.

September 17 - Day of Inventor and Innovator | Teaching polytechnic students scientific and technical work

Лабораторія Ніколи Тесли в Колорадо-Спрінгс

“The Polytechnic Institute is a higher educational institution assigned for the training of engineers, that is, as the name itself indicates, people of genius capable of inventing and arranging a new one.

Celebration of New Year

Як святкують новий рік

Christmas holidays in different countries have something in common: farewell to the old year and hopes that troubles remain in the past, and in the new year things will get better. But in spite of this each country has its own traditions .



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