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Kyiv Polytechnic

Smoking kills!

Куріння вбиває!

There is no need to list all the facts so that a sensible person may find out the harm of smoking. Firstly, about 25% of smokers die of cancer, heart diseases or a stroke.

Read Euler - he is the master of us all! The man who was destined to become a great mathematician

Леонард Ейлер

Leonhard Euler is considered to be the most prolific mathematician of all time. He wrote his treatises in a simple manner, clearly and plainly, as a man of pen and ink writes letters to his friends.

At the foothold Bukrin

Передові підрозділи форсують Дніпро

Participant liberation of Kyiv, a former lecturer of physics in KPI,  retired Major, Associate Candidate of Sciences Mikhail Velichko mentions battles on Bukrin foothold, in which he was.

We are back

Кампус КПІ. Головний корпус, 1943 рік

A retired colonel, Volodymyr Mykolayovych Zorin, a participant of liberation of Kiyv, who graduated from the heat-and-power engineering department , told our correspondent  V.Y. Melnyk about events, which he had to survive.

Academician Victor Glushkov - cybernetics pioneer

Віктор Михайлович Глушков

Victor Glushkov was born August 24, 1923 r.u Rostov-on -Don in the family of a mining engineer. In 1929 the family moved in Shahty. In June 1941 Victor Glushkov with honors graduated from high school №1 Shahty .He was going to join the Physics Department of Moscow State University .

The Veterans of our University

Київ, 1944 рік. Кияни розбирають завали на Хрещатику

When you take a glance at massive KPI campus buildings where almost 40 000 students are gaining knowledge, it is hard to imagine what it looked like after Kyiv had been liberated. .

Bencion Moyseyovich Vul a Prominent Scientist in the Field of Dielectrics and Semiconductors

Бенціон Мойсейович Вул

Bencion Moyseyovich Vul was born on May, 22, 1903 in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv’s region in a blacksmith’s family.

From the History of Katyusha

З історії створення "Катюші"

The most famous dangerous weapon of World War II Katyusha is a multiple rocket launcher (MRL). Many monuments were built to honor Katyusha; many writers and poets dedicated their works to it. It left a mark in history of war and of technology forever and ever.

Здружені мрією. Юрій Яновський та Сергій Корольов

Кампус КПІ. Авіаційні майстерні КПІ

United by a dream. Yury Yanovsky and Serhiy Koroliov


August 27, 2002, marked the plant’s centenary of Yury Ivanovych Yankovsky’s birth, who was a Ukrainian writer, playwright, and a founder of Ukrainian cinema.

Vagner Mykola Yuliyovych – zoologist, fostered by KPI

Вагнер Микола Юлійович

Mykola Yuliyovych Vagner was born on 11 (24) January 1893 in Saint Petersburg in the family of well-known zoologist Yuliy M. Vagner.  In 1898, after the moving to Kyiv Yuliy M. Vagner started working in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.



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