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1943-1951: Re-evacuation and recovery of the Institute

1950-ті. Підготовка офіцерів запасу на військовій кафедрі

The liberation of Kiev in November 1943 allowed to resume the work of the Institute. The assistant professor V.I. Gorodisky was appointed to head the restoration. The registration for faculty, staff, students returning to college was started. Up to 25 November, it was registered 8 professors, 9 associate professors, 16 teachers, 30 support staff employees, 20 students.

Kyiv. Museum of books i typography of Ukraine

Київ. Музей книги i друкарства України /

The museum was founded in 1972 in the International Year of the book celebrated by UNESCO.

Lyulka Arkhyp Mikhajlovych: a teacher and a student, two academicians in one person…In honor of the 100th anniversary since his birthday

Люлька Архип Михайлович

If the revolution in 1917 did not burst out, Lyulka Arkhyp would not have become the person he had been: a famous designer of plane engines, an academician, one of the first to initiate the theory of air-jet engines, a laureate of State USSR prizes, the hero of Social State Work, a holder of

The program of MES in Germany. The impression of postgraduate intern

Фото. Манжола Марина проводить тестові випробування

To enhance the skills and motivation, there are many additional educational programs training programs and exchange program.

Танцювальний конкурс з хіп-хопу

2013.05.25 Dance Competition Devoted to Hip-Hop

May 25 on the bases of Centre of Students` Consolidation the dance competition devoted to hip-hop “Hype Dance Battle” was held for the first time in NTUU “KPI”. In this competition the students of “KPI” and other participants from different parts of Ukraine took part.

FEL graduate student received two academic degree

2015.01.19 Павло Сергієнко під час захисту дисертації

Faculty of Electronics NTUU "KPI" pays much attention to international cooperation in the scientific and educational sphere. Recently there was an event which, of course, was a landmark for the entire faculty and KPI.



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