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Postgraduate education

A second degree may be received by citizens of Ukraine who have higher education (basic or full) and want to get a specialist qualification in another specialty to expand their career opportunities.

Institute of Special Communication and Information Security

The Head of the Institute: Olexandr Puchkov
The address: 03056, Kyiv, Verkhnokliuchova street, 4
Information phone: (+38044) 204-91-51
The Day of the ISCIS: December 27

Institute of Postgraduate Education

Director EMC “IPE”: Malukova Inna Genadievna
Address: 03056, Kiev, Peremogy Avenue, 37, Bldg. 1 room. 262-1
For more information call: 204-81-08, 204-81-63
Site: ; Landing page:
E-mail: ipo[at]

Seminar Project «PICTURE»

2013.05.24 Міжнародний семінар проекту «PICTURE»

May,24 in NTU "KPI" the international seminar of the project «PICTURE» of 7th Framework Programme of the European Union in the field of information and communication technologies was held. Its participants were experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutions and companies in Ukraine, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Greece and France.

The aim of the project «PICTURE» - strengthening cooperation between the European Union and the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the field of information and communication technologies. Therefore the theme of the seminar dealt with the specific directions and methods of such cooperation in the framework of «HORIZON 2020", which sets the main objectives and priorities of the European Commission in the field of research and innovation for the period up to 2020. The slogan of the "Strategy for growth and work" and the main direction of the strategy - "Excellent science", "modern industry" and "Best Company" succinctly describes its ideology and direction.

First international scientific and technical conference IEEE “Electrotechnics and computer engineering” | «UKRCON 2017» (video)

2017.05.29-06.02 Перша МНТК IEEE «Електротехніка та комп’ютерна інженерія» («UKRCON 2017»)

On 29 May, First international scientific and technical conference IEEE “Electrotechnics and computer engineering” (“UKRCON 2017”) started its work in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute.

Festival ‘Sikorsky Challenge 2017’: grand closure and rewarding of winners of competition (video)

2017.10.13 урочисте закриття і нагородження пореможців  конкурсів

The ceremony of grand closure of the ‘Sikorsky Challenge 2017’ festival took place at the Center of Culture and Arts of the National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’ on 13th of October.

Institute of Telecommunication Systems

Кампус КПІ, Корпус № 30

Adress: 2, Industrialna ln., Кyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Phones: 236-62-23, 236-40-14
e-mail: its[at]
Faculty Day: February 14



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