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Rare books of descriptive geometry

Студенти ММІ під час вручення бібліотеці старовинного видання

First year students of almost all faculties acquainted with the exhibition of rare books on descriptive geometry during March - April which was deployed in the hall of rare books of STL NTUU "KPI".

NTUU “KPI” Named an NVIDIA GPU Education Center and an NVIDIA GPU Research Center


NTUU “KPI” today announced that it has been named a GPU Education Center and GPU Research Center by NVIDIA, a computer technology company that has pioneered GPU-accelerated computing.

The First Master Class of the Student Space Belka

2016.04.13 Перший майстер-клас студентського простору Belka

On April 13 the first master-class of the student space Belka took place: "Belka with our own hands", in which students made 100 fixtures into LED lamps. In 2 hours a friendly team of 14 people - boys and girls, techies and humanitarians - coped with this task.

Mykola Soroka. Biographical story "One more spring". V part

Кампус КПІ. Трава

... That day late autumn has rented first embroidered shirts from gardens and groves. Quietly let down maple leaves in the institutes park. Here and students there rake it off to drift and burned. Smoke stretched to the ground and air become permeated with the smell of strong sadness.

Rector's Cup soccer among employees 2016

2016.05.24 фінал Кубка ректора НТУУ  "КПІ" з футболу серед співробітників

May 24th was the final of the Cup of Rector "KPI" among employees, in which took part the teams of faculties / institutes and departments "KPI". This tournament is held the second consecutive year and has already become traditional.

Memorandum of scientific and technical cooperation between NTUU "KPI", "Electrobus of Ukraine" consortium and SP "Kyiv polytechnics"

2016.07.12 Меморандум про науково-технічне співробітництво

In June, 12 NTUU "KPI", "Electrobus of Ukraine" and Scientific Park "Kyiv polytechnics" have signed the Memorandum of scientific and technical cooperation.

Jamala in the KPI

2008.10.06 Джамала (Сусанна Джамаладінова) з учасниками хорової капели КПІ після концерту

Each of us rejoices and proud of Jamala's victory at the competition "Eurovision". But not all of us know that this outstanding and at the same time still very young singer repeatedly acted with the National academic choral chapel of NTUU "KPI" (the artistic director - Ruslan Bondar).



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