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TEF: new scientific heights. The Handbook for Transversely Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Design

Handbook for Transversely Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Design

The publishing house Elsevier (the Netherlands) published a book the Dean of Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering of of National technical university of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute” - a.p. of technical science Yevgen Pismenny "Handbook for Transversely Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Design”.

Dormitory #16

Кампус КПІ. 16 гуртожиток університету

Address of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute dormitory number 16 (IEE): 03056, Kyiv, str. Vyborzka 3
Tel. 204 93 20

Кіберзахист, дрони і супутники Київського політеху

Медіа кур'єр в Україні

Газета «Медиа Курьер в Украине» розмістила на своїх шпальтах цікавий матеріал про інноваційну діяльність в НТУУ «КПІ». Пропонуємо його вашій увазі. Друкується мовою оригіналу.

From the past to the future: the new realities of the Kiev Polytechnic

1898. Генеральний план садиби Київського політехнічного інституту

Kyiv Polytechnic, which turns 115 this year, carefully saves its history. Many famous people who had glorified our country in many fields of science and technology, entered the pantheon of great polytechnics forever.

Ukraine's first innovation ecosystem

Колектив КПІ. Учасники школи стартапів

In Ukraine, for many years there has been talk about the need for innovation. The right laws and programs were taken, technology transfer centers and business incubators were created, trainings and round tables are carried out, competitions of innovative ideas are organized.

Marinoshenko Olexander P.: Design safer - fly safer

Фото. Мариношенко Олександр Петрович

People quickly get used to the benefits of civilization. Transatlantic flight and supersonic speeds today are nothing new. A studying, improving and creation of new aircraft designs, in particular, is carried out on the FASS. Associate Professor Olexander P.

Frederic Chopin: some facts from the life of a genius

Frederic Chopin

The great Polish composer Frederic Chopin was born on March 1 (Feb. 22, Old Style), 1810 near Warsaw. In the village where he lived as a child and where subsequently often spent his summers, Frederic became interested in folk songs and dances.



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