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Radioelectronics and Communications Systems

Radioelectronics and Communications Systems, ISSN 1934-8061 (Online), ISSN 0735-2727 (Print) is a monthly peer-reviewed international scientific journal on electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and electronics.

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Кампус КПІ, 7 корпус

Dean: T.D., professor Vanin Volodymyr Volodumyrovych
Address: 03056, Room 420, Build.7, 37, Prosp.Peremohy, Kyiv-56, Ukraine, 03056
Inquiry phone: 204-82-51, 204-82-43, 204-96-27
e-mail: fmf[at]

Titov Viacheslav Andriiovych

Тітов Вячеслав Андрійович

Doctor of Technical Science (1996). Speciality 05.07.04. (Technology of aircraft production). The subject of his dissertation is "The technology of plastic forming of aircraft structural elements from metal and polymeric composites." Senior Scientist-Researcher in speciality 05.07.04 (1997).

Ivan Le – First Editor of the Kyiv Polytechnician

Фото. Іван Ле

A great role in the final formation of modern Ukrainian literary language was played by Ukrainian writers of the Soviet Ukrainization era, in the first third of the XX Century.

Kosohina Irina Volodymyrivna. We care about the safe environment

Фото. Косогіна Ірина Володимирівна

Our existing technology for treatment of the industrial wastewater, which are contaminated with surfactants and organic dyes of different type and origin, not allow to provide full neutralization of pollutants contained in industrial effluents, tand in the same time it causes ecological damag

Faculty of heat power engineering

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 5.

Decan: professor Evgen Mykolayovych Pysmenny
Address: Room 315, Build.5, 56, Politehnichna, Kiev
Phone: 204-80-98, 204-91-14
e-mail: tef[at]
Day of faculty: 27.12



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