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The World. The names of capitals – a long time ago and now

Адміністративна карта світу

As you know, the sound of the word "Kyiv" in different languages differs a little. But each of the capital fortunate as ours? Unfortunately no.

Center of Career Development of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Address: str. M. Braychevsky 5A (str. Metallistov), Building 31, Room 1-07,
Tel: 204-85-93
Center works: Every day (except Saturday and Sunday) 10-00 to 13-00, 14-00 to 17-00

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 19 весною / Автор: Іван Білич,

Dean: Doctor of Engineering Science, professor Panov Yevgen Mykolayovich
adress: Room 506, Build.19, 39, Polytekhnichna st., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
telephone in case of query: 204-21-27; 204-90-01
Faculty day: april 29

Department of Graphic Arts (KG), VPI

At the department of Graphic Arts (DGA) students get thorough knowledges in subjects such as composition, book design, drawing, painting, fonts and ornaments design, print technique, surface anatomy, photography, history of arts, colour in prints etc.

Conference of the project CENEAST-Tempus

2013.04.22-24 Зустріч партнерських організацій – учасників проекту CENEAST

From 22nd till 24th of April on the premises of Energy Saving and Energy Management Institute NTUU “KPI” regular meeting of the organizations members of the project CENEAST-Tempus “Education programs modernization in the field of overbuilt surroundings in the East European good-neighborliness cou



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