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Sport swimming

2013.04.18 Змагання зі спортивного плавання

April 18 the Olympics "KPI" competitions in sport swimming were in the pool at our university sports complex, teachers of the Department of Physical Education were organizers , headed by professor of swimming Volodymyr Nazaruk.

Competition program included several kinds of sports swimming at a distance of 50 meters: breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, crawl on back and relay races in which teams from different faculties took part. The relay races consisted of two heats: the free and combined styles.

Student supervisory responsibility

Студентський актив ІПСА

Student Life is special time for every young person who has decided to get professional education.

Radio Day - Day of RTF

2012.05.18 Щорічний Open Air фестиваль електронної музики Radioday

Aphorisms about education and knowledge

Афоризми про освіту і знання

Teach yourself is a noble cause, but even more noble - to teach others; By the way, the last is a lot easier. Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens)

FMM proud of them [2009]

Таланти КПІ 2007. Шеховцова Ірина. ФММ, cт.викладач КМ. | Лілеї

Rector's Scholarship winners: O. Nosovets, I. Samaruha, K. Kuzmenko, T. Steblova

Таланти КПІ 2012/2. Макаренко Марія | Чаепитие | ІІ місце у номінації "Живопис"

Tourist Club “SKIF” Invites

2009.03. Учасники турклубу “СКІФ” на річці Південний Буг

May generously floods urban streets with light and warmth. There is a strong desire to play truant and to go on some long journey. I am sure that everyone has such “attacks” of tourism but there are people for whom tourism is an integral part of the life.

I like studying here

Фото. Чередниченко Денис

Four’s year biotechnology faculty student Denis Cherednychenko masters the specialty "Equipment of pharmaceutical and microbiological industry." He is a conscientious excellently learning student and active person, engaged in scientific researches and actively involved in community life of th

Jokes. Session for us is always a holiday!

Знання - сила!

The less the specific name of the discipline, the less you learn from it. The more specific the name of discipline, the less you'll need it later. "Note Rominger"

Tour to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is useful and interesting

Київ. Верховна Рада України

Recently, foreign students from FIVT checked and secured their knowledge of the political system and activities of public authorities of our country ... in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Bright practical lessons on jurisprudence held for them lecturer Raisa Pavlovna Kutoriy.



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