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Championship of Chess in KPI 2014

2014.02.26-27 Championship of Chess 2014

On February 26-27, 2014 in Scientific and technical library named for G.I. Denisenko of NTUU "KPI" was the championship of chess. The event was organized by the department of sports of the Student Council of the University and department of sport SR of Publishing and Printing Institute.

The Science is Created by the Young People

Фото. Sergiy Yarotsky

At our university scientific research is conducted on a wide range of themes and in different fields. Some of them are implemented and are economically effective and others have the potential of implementation.

Here brushes still retain a touch of Shevchenko’s hand

Колектив КПІ. Студенти ФЛ на веранді музею Т.Г. Шевченка

If you have been in the Shevchenko lane, near Independence Square, I’m sure that you have been surprised: how among the metropolitan multiplicity, glass bank buildings, Kiev "skyscrapers", trendy shops and expensive cafes survived this colorful house of the first half of the nineteenth century (w

Orienteering at the University

Колектив КПІ. Команда спортивного орієнтування

Intense in athletic achievements 2012-2013 years had the orienteering sportsmen of our university. Team of NTUU"KPI" performed well and won II place in the championship of Ukraine among universities, which took place in Kiev.

IASA Student is Number One in Informational Technologies

Sergiy Nikolaev

Demonstrating their theoretical and practice knowledge on international competitions, creative ideas and flexible thinking , KPI students are increasingly attracting international scientific community’s attention. It especially deals with informational technologies and programming.

Christmas Party at the Center for International Education KPI

2013.12.21 Christmas Party at the Center for International Education KPI

December 21, 2013 at the Center for International Education "KPI" Christmas Party took place. There are students and attendants of Preparatory Department presented the cuisines of the countries.

Student Games – 2013

2013.12.02-05 Student Games

From 2 to 5 December, 2013 Student Social Service "KPI" held a traditional set of events - marathon "Student Games" to promote healthy lifestyle and raise awareness of the risk of HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B and C.

Gifts to the children

2013.12.21 Благодійна поїздка до Білоцерківського дитячого будинку-інтернату

On St. Nicholas’ Day kids expect gifts. Adults are have the opportunity to marvel that will give pleasure to  children and make their lives more interesting at this day.

The winter fairytale at the campus

2014.01.01-14 The winter fairytale at the campus

The Christmas festive atmosphere dominated at the campus since the 20th of December. Students furnished their faculty’s buildings, and hostel’s walls creating their “own” fairytale. Blue wooden horse year has already on the way therefore it became a hostel design symbol.

Student of the FBE won a literary competition

Фото. Трояновська Людмила

Ukraine has deployed a large-scale preparations for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of poet and artist, a fighter for the people's rights T.G. Shevchenko.



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