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Competition of volleyball on a programme Spartakiada games of NTUU “KPI” 2014

Колектив КПІ, Учасники змагань з волейболу

Competition from volleyball on a programme Spartakiada games took place in a sports complex of our university. Laurels of winners and ovations of audience were got by volleyball players of IESEM. This success for the "black-green" was not the first in their history.

Swimming 2014

2014.04.16 Swimming

Swimming competition for the Games of the program NTUU "KPI" took place on 16 April at the pool sports complex of the University. The competition was attended by 186 students (161 young and 25 girls).

Aerobics 2014

2014.04.15 Aerobics

            Aerobic Gymnastics Championship competition between faculties of NTUU "KPI" was held in Aerobics and Fitness hall TSFVS on April 15.

Gymnastics 2014

2014.04.10 Gymnastics

Gymnastics competition under Games of NTUU "KPI" in which 84 students from 21 faculty participated was held on April 10. The winners were determined in individual and team standings.

NASU Award for the student of the FBB

Фото. Сливець Марія | Slyvets Maria

Slyvets Maria (BM-81m group), student of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechniques won the student research contest in the Department of General Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Shaping 2014

2014.04.17 Shaping

Shaping competition according to the programme of Spartakiada Games of NTUU "KPI" was held on 17th April. Shaping is considered to be a feminine sport, exercise were created to affect the muscles that are less used on a daily basis. So shaping is a kind of sport for attractive and graceful.

NAS of Ukraine Award for IESEM Students

2014.04.02 NAS of Ukraine Award for IESEM Students

Young scholars and senior students of Kiev Polytechnic Institute are actively involved in various research competitions, and their results are strong support and recognition of our university and the state.

The World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics

2014.04.09 The World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics

Students of Faculty of Aircraft and Space Systems of NTUU “KPI” celebrated their professional holiday in a special way this year.

Scholarship holder from Faculty of Welding

Photo. Anastasia Zworykina

Although Faculty of Welding is more popular among boys, it often attracts pretty and smart girls. It is well known that complex subjects and heavy loads are not very conducive to quiet life of students at Faculty of Welding.

Phase II of Ukrainian Student Olympiad "Systems of Automated Designing and Computer Modeling in Engineering"

2014.04.14-16 ІІ етап всеукраїнської студентської олімпіади з САПР та комп’ютерного моделювання

From 14 to 16 of April, 2014 in National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" at the Department of Integrated Technology Engineering, Phase II All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in CAD and computer modeling in engineering was held.



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