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A solemn opening of the Educational studios in STL named after H.Denysenko (video)

2019.05.29 A solemn opening of the Educational studios in STL named after H.Denysenko

On the 29th May in the Scientific and technical library named after H.Denysenko of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute the Educational studious of Hreter and Kryvanenko ( the project-winner of the Public budget of Kyiv in 2018) was opened.

In the hole of ground hole of the library were workers, students and teachers of our university, representatives Kyiv municipal state administration, organizations partners of STL and also those who is named library`s friends.

Solemnities were opened by the scientist secretary of STL S.Barash. Present were greeted by the pro-rector from educational works P.Kyrychok, the director of STL O.Bruy, the manager of project activity Y.Koryan, the head of the department of youth policy and sport L.Yaremiychuk, member of the municipal work group on questions on a public budget A.Stelmashow, vice-president of Association of graduating students of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Y.Bulba, the representative of Goethe Institute in Ukraine A.Zhuravlova. At the end of opening ceremony O.Buruy and A.Stelmashov gave a start of the project.

After a short break for tea and coffee, signature to the banner, excursions in the library and communication the Educational studios started their work.

S.Nazarovets the deputy of the director in scientific work of the State scientific and technical library of Ukraine, conducted the training “Scopus and Medeley for the beginners” and presented his work with the database and the tool to research scientific quotes of Scopus and bibliographic manager of Mendeley.

V.Pekar , businessman, public man, the teacher of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy of business school and the author of the book “Vari coloured management” made a lecture “The world in 2035”.

And at the end employees of the Main astronomic observatory NAS of Ukraine Y.Kuznetsova and M.Andreyev gave a lecture “Exoplanets. Planetary systems near our stars”.

Unfortunately, through clouds other activity was not take place (the demonstration of celestial bodies with the use of the telescope CELESTRON 8). But it will take place necessarily, because this telescope was bought in this project.

Reference. The Educational studious of Hreter and Kryvanenko is a project that offers resources for education, teaching, communication and meaningful leisure. In these studious scientists, researchers, successful leaders, entrepreneurs and other experts will give their lectures, seminars and workshops. Because of the winning of the project, library get 2 million hryvnas for buying computers, notes, tablets, projectors, video cameras, photo cameras and many others and reconditioned two holes on the ground floor.

On the photo: O.Buruy and A.Stelmach: “The Educational studious of Hreter and Kryvanenko” is opened!


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