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Tourist club “Globus” is the leader according to the work results of 2017

2017.12.16 федерація спортивного туризму України підбивала підсумки року

On December, 16, 2017, Kyiv City federation of sport tourism of Ukraine has presented the year results and has rewarded the leaders of work according to the results of work in 2017.

Tourist club “Globus” occupied the 1st place in 6 nominations out of 9 present:

Sport mentors of the KPI are Ukraine’s best

О.Козлик, А.Дубок, О.Єрьоміна, А.Волкова, Б.Грабець, М.Стукало, І.Дерибас

Among the best sportsmen of the city and Ukraine that are engaged in sport tourism there are many polytechnicians, the representatives of the tourist club “Globus”, e,g., the graduate of the HPED Bogdan Grabets who was recognized as the best coach in 2017.

Hiking weeks

Summer tour ended, was set newcomers tourist club "Globe", started on weekdays. From the first training "recruits" are beginning to prepare for mountain adventures. Ahead everyday training twice a week, Kiev and nationwide competitions, hiking the Carpathians.

Tourists KPI win again

2015.05.1-4 championship in mountaineering techniques in the village Danis, Zhytomyr region.

It has become a tradition that our athletes from the tourist club "globe" with the competition returned winners. This certificate is good preparation they receive at the club, and the will to win and desire to best represent their University.

The Chronicles of The Tourist Club "Globus" 2014-2015

Колектив КПІ. Турклуб "Глобус" на скелі масиву Сабарів

As soon as I joined "Globus", I started to count my life not in years, but in training seasons. So the story of the events and achievements of the club goes back to the beginning of the season 2014/2015. In September, there was a traditional evening of newcomers' enrollment.

Tourists champions are studying in KPI

In the photo: Group of KPI. Team Moment of Truth

Tourist club KPI "Globe" combines restless and stubborn. They travel on tourits trails and off-road, climb the mountains, saddle bikes, go to the ski trips. The skill and the will to win they learn from senior colleagues.

Tour club KPI - the best in Ukraine

2015.03.26 Офіційна церемонія нагородження переможців конкурсу

In the first national competition leaders active and eco-tourism, conducted by the Ukrainian Association of active and eco-tourism, tourist club "KPI" "Globe" has won  two awards: Best tour club 2014 and the best school of training active tourism personnel.

Tourist club of KPI "Globe" of 60 years!

Колектив КПІ. Туристичний клуб "Глобус"

In far 1952nd restless enthusiasts - students and employees of KPI - united and created tourist club in which and to this day travelers romantics gather. Under its aegis thousands of campaigns were carried out, is subordinated tens of thousands of tops, is passable millions of kilometers.

Regulations on student’s sportive and cultural club of NTUU "KPI" Tourist club "Globus"


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