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"Teacher-researcher", "Junior teacher-researcher", Leader of the Year Awards

Конкурс «Викладач-дослідник» та «Молодий викладач-дослідник»

In these awards can participate teachers that are mainly employed in "KPI" (for at least 0.5 of teacher’s experience) and in addition to teaching are conducting researches, training PhDs, managing scientific work of students, publishing results of their work in leading national and international scientific journals, monographs, innovative textbooks.

Bezvesilna Olena Mykolaivna, Research Instructor − State Prize Winner of Ukraine.

Безвесільна Олена Миколаївна

"Instrument complex stabilizer arms light armored vehicles" presented by Scientific-production company JSC "Petrovskyi Kyiv automation factory" was stated amid the works awarded the State Prize of Ukraine for Science and Technology in 2016. Also, a group of authors includes D.Sc.

Lesyk Dmytro Anatoliyovych: today technologies - products of the future

Лесик Дмитро Анатолійович

At the request of the application of laser search engine helpfully publishes dozens of areas ranging from medicine, chemistry and physics and ending with military locations.

Works for the sake of the youth development

Ночніченко Ігор Вікторович

Please meet the winner of the University Contest "Young Teacher-Researcher 2016" Igor V.

A Specialist on Converter Control Systems in Smart Grid

Осипенко Катерина Сергіївна

There are four representatives of the Industrial Electronics Department of FEL among the winners of the university competition “Young Teacher-researcher 2016”.

Tsapar Vitaly. Cooking glass efficiently

Цапар Віталій

Glass - one of the most widespread and at the same time strangest substances. Products from it not only bewitch your look, but also were useful in economic activity of mankind. It is difficult to make glass  and  demand for it constantly grows.

Burnashev Vitaliy controls movement and teaches others

Бурнашев Віталій Віталійович

The increasing popularity in the world is gained by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The sphere of theirs application extends: from military action to rescue operations, doctors, firefighters, agriculture and a small-sized supply of goods.

Ivitskyy Igor: The youth have someone to look up to

Івіцький Ігор Ігорович

This story about a young scientist Igor Ivitskyy from IHF. Hard-working and inquisitive young man attracted attention when he was student.

Creative and persistent George Vasiliev

Васильєв Георгій Степанович

When meeting with Georgy Vasilyev - assistant trohimichnyh-electric technology industries ща Сhemical-engineering faculty, the winner of the competition "Young teacher-researcher - 2016" - the feeling that everything in life makes it "excellent." He came to the “KPI” in 2005, in 2009 received a b

Professor V.M. Gorshkov: “The most important thing is to understand how everything works”

Горшков В'ячеслав Миколайович

Every year among all teachers at our university we determine the leader of international recognition related to science publications – taking into account quotation figures in scientific-metric bases.



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